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Kodi uses add-ons to provide weather information. You can select from various global and regional weather add-ons and customize various location options.


The installation of a Weather add-on is required if you would like to have the weather displayed within the Kodi interface. The settings page for Weather can be accessed through either of two methods, both of which access the same settings page as shown in the following images.

  1. If there is no Weather add-on installed, select Weather from the Main menu, or
  2. Use the Settings menu to access the Weather Settings page.

You can install a Weather add-on from the Add-ons menu or the Settings menu, neither presents any major advantages over the other. If you wish to use the Settings menu, the process would follow these basic steps:

  1. Access the Weather Settings page by first selecting the Services entry, as shown in the image. Then select Service for weather information. (See Image 1.)
  2. If no add-ons are listed, select Get more... (See Image 2.)
  3. From the Get more... screen, select your preferred provider. (See Image 3.)
  4. Once you have selected a Weather add-on to install, enter the Settings option shown in Step 1 (no longer disabled once a Weather add-on is installed and available for use) and enter the required location and service details.
  5. Upon completion, you will be able to access the complete weather information from the Kodi main menu and see it displayed more compactly on various pages throughout Kodi according to the skin you're using.

Currently available

Icon of an open, brown cardboard box, used to identify Kodi add-ons  Gismeteo
Icon of an open, brown cardboard box, used to identify Kodi add-ons  Multi Weather
Icon of an open, brown cardboard box, used to identify Kodi add-ons  NOAA (
Icon of an open, brown cardboard box, used to identify Kodi add-ons  Oz Weather

Temperature units

To change between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature units go to Settings ▶ Interface Settings ▶ Regional, then select your location under Region default format or change the Temperature unit setting directly to your preference.


The default skin, Estuary, supports fanart backgrounds that can be installed from the Official add-on repository. Other skins may additionally support a user's own collection of weather fanart.

To install a weather fanart pack in Estuary, go to Settings ▶ Interface ▶ Skin ▶ Configure skin... ▶ Artwork and select Choose weather fanart pack. If none are available, you can once again use the Get more... button to download some.

By installing a different weather icon pack, the default weather icons can also be changed. These can be installed from Settings ▶ Add-ons ▶ Install from repository ▶ Look and feel ▶ Image collections, then scrolling to the end of the list until you see the classification Weather Icons.

Installing either of these may require a restart of Kodi if they do not display immediately.