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Stop hand.png Only download content/apps/add-ons from sources you trust, and at your own risk. This list is maintained by the community and is not an endorsement of those add-ons. Disclaimer

XBMC includes an interface to browse remote repositories from where add-ons can be retrieved. The model is similar to the way many current Linux distributions work, whereby there is a main repository that is the default, and and additional ones may be added by the user. XBMC has two official repositories that are included by default ( Add-ons and PVR Add-ons) and are maintained by the XBMC team (Team XBMC).

Information for add-on developers

  1. Consider applying to have your add-on included in Official add-on repository
  2. If it does not meet the required conditions, consider contacting an owner of an existing unofficial repository and ask if they would be happy to let you distribute your add-on from there.
  3. You can also create your own repository. See HOW-TO:Create a repository for add-ons or Add-on repositories, and then add it to the table below for it to show up in the Repositories Installer Add-on.

How to install additional add-on repositories

You can install an individual repository using these instructions: HOW-TO:Install_an_Add-on_from_a_zip_file

To access the contents of the newly installed repository browse to System > Add-ons > Get Add-ons.

Unofficial repositories


  • The forum rules on piracy content applies to the wiki as well!
  • When adding to the table, try to keep the description as short and accurate as possible.
  • Also please try to keep it alphabetically organized according to the name column.
Name Description Owner Installable ZIP Icons
Adult Add-ons The definitive source for adult oriented add-ons Xbmc-Adult [1]
Aeon MQ3/4 Skin Repo Home of the 'Aeon MQ 3/4' skin MarcosQui [2]
agx's repo Addons by agx, Adult/Gay agx [3]
Angelscry Add-ons Host of the Advanced Launcher Add-on Angelscry [4]
Arabic XBMC Addons Repository Arabic XBMC addon plugins and repository hadynz
Brazilian Repo Add-ons for Brazilian users vitorhirota
Bossanova808's Repo XSqueeze - Squeezebox controller/player for XBMC Bossanova808 [5]
carb0's Repo NHL Gamecenter Addon carb0
CatchUpTV AU Plugins Australian Catchup TV Plugins Adammw111 [6]
Divingmule Add-ons General Add-ons Divingmule
DMD-XBMC Add-ons Czech and Slovak TV Archive addons derby00
Hybrid Development Repo Hosts the test builds of the skins Hybrid, Confluence Vertical and Confluence Customizable Mod. Mudislander [7]
IPTV Addons Repository for IPTV plugins George Popovich (IICUX)
Japanese XBMC Addons Download and install Japanese addons xbmc_now [8]
Jeroen's Repository Home of the reFocus skin Jeroen xbmc.repo.jeroen [9]
Karrade's Addons Home of TV Promos Karrade [10]
Korean Add-ons Add-ons for Korean users Xbmc Korea [11]
Kuroshi's XBMC Repository Home of XBMAL and (maybe) others Kuroshi [12]
Lucifurious Repo Web Interface Repository (My custom and standard) Lucifurious (Coming Soon!) [13]
Macedonia On Demand Repository Macedonia on Demand - addon for Macedonian(and Croatian) users mviktor MacedoniaOnDemand
membrane's repository Various video and music streaming addons membrane
Merlink's Addons Various Addons: MVG/MVV Munich, ZFS Checker... merlink
Mindmade Add-ons Add-ons from including Swiss specific Andreas Wetzel [14]
Mortstar's repo Includes IMDb+Rotten Tomatoes scraper and Spotimc Mortstar [15]
Mossy's Frodo repo Irish TV Player and 4oD (working update of Nibor's version) Mossy [16]
Nixa's Add-ons General video add-ons Nixa [17]
Parental Controls Add-on A self-updating parental controls addon. killdash9 [18]
Passion-XBMC Repo General add-ons, including games, from Team Passion-XBMC [19]
PleXBMC Add-ons Repository Plex integration for XBMC hippojay, pecinko, magnesium, wickning1
Popeye's Repo Addons for streaming video files via Usenet connections, addons include Pneumatic and Newznab Popeye
QF Add-ons Add-ons for XBMC-Live and Linux Vikjon0 [20]
Queeup Add-ons General add-ons Queeup [21]
Rasjani's Repo Finnish & English addons rasjani [22]
RTLxl Watch RTLxl videos (dutch) Opvolger
ruuk's repo Latest versions of Forum Browser, flickr, Facebook Media, WebViewer, Plugin Slideshow Screensaver, X-Note (Evernote), ShareSocial etc... ruuk [23]
Sastatv Repository Live streams and OnDemand media from all over subcontinent Sastatv [24]
ScudLee's Add-on Repository scraper mods ScudLee [25]
SD XBMC Repository Add-ons for Polish users Plesken
Seppius RU Add-ons Add-ons for Russian users Seppius [26]
Sickbeard integration into XBMC Repository for downloading the Sickbeard XBMC plugin Zach Moore [27]
SmithGeek XBMC Repositories Repositories containing the DVDExtras add-on for associating DVD/BluRay bonus features with movies and TV shows. Theme music support is included. Brent Smith [28]
smuto Repository Add-ons for Polish users smuto [29]
stacked Add-on Repository Video Add-ons: PBS, Revision3, TMZ, G4TV, ESPN Video, NBA Video, and Trailer Addict stacked [30]
t0mcat Addons Addons by t0mcat - The first one is for displaying the Videoblog of the german vocal-pop group WiseGuys t0mcat [31]
teeedubb Add-ons Add-ons by teeedubb - Steam Launcher, Music Party Mode, and others teeedubb [32]
Turkish Add-ons Add-ons & Scraper for Turkish users Drascom
Uitzendinggemist (NPO) Watch Uitzendinggemist (NPO) videos (dutch) Opvolger
urlXL XBMC Addon Repo Cruncyroll Takeout Addon + Dependencies Yoshi of the Wire
Wiiego Add-ons Add-ons as Terra Sonora Audio Service (Listen music for free) Wiiego [33]
XBMC Doplnky Video addons for czech and slovak users lzoubek [34]
XBMCNerds Add-ons General Addons, Cirrus Extended TeamXBMCNerds / mad-max [35] [36]
XBMC Online TV Host of an add-on for online TV streaming sites Basje [37]
Xycl Add-ons Prime Instant Video, WDR Rockpalast concerts, My Pictures Database and Xycl [38]

Outdated Unofficial repositories

These repositories have not been updated in a long period of time so might contain broken add-ons.


  • The forum rules on piracy content applies to the wiki as well!
  • When adding to the table, try to keep the description as short and accurate as possible.
  • Also please try to keep it alphabetically organized according to the name column.
Name Description Owner Installable ZIP Icons
Balinus Repo Host of the Shade skin for Eden Balinus
Djtoll Add-ons Add-on for Joggler - a new skin designed for touch interface with touchscreens Djtoll [39]
Bluecop's Repo Misc video add-ons that BlueCop is updating BlueCop
Dandar3 Add-ons Video, picture and program add-ons Dan Dare
iZE Add-ons General add-ons iZE [40]
THN's Addons Addons by THN THN
t0mm0 Addons Addons by t0mm0 t0mm0
Maruchan's Add-ons General add-ons Orokara
Luxeria Add-ons General add-ons including dvd and bluray ripper Linuxluemmel [41]
Czech Add-ons Add-ons for Czech users Tomas.zemres