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This template inserts a Table of Contents which omits subheadings lower than a certain level. The table obeys the same layout rules as the __TOC__ magic word. Omitted sections still have section edit links in the article body; the main use for this template is situations where you want section edit links for ease of editing but don't want to clutter the table of contents.

1 Usage


The template defaults to including only == level 2 == and === level 3 === headers.

You can specify a different limit by adding a header level:


4 allows ==== level 4 headers ==== but omits any subheadings below that from the TOC.

The template works by hiding the lower levels with CSS. See MediaWiki:Common.css.

2 Conflicts

This template does not interact well with the {{TOCright}}, {{TOCleft}}, {{TOCcenter}} templates. To achieve the correct effect, use those with a limit parameter. For example, {{TOCright|limit=2}} has the effect that {{TOCright}} and {{TOClimit}} would have—if they worked together.