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1 Submitting a Compliant Add-on to the Repo

After you have read the repository guidelines and made sure your addon is compliant with them, you may begin the submission process using the following steps.

2 Allowed submissions

We have restricted the allowed submissions of add-ons to past Kodi versions. Several reasons:

  • Kodi code improvements
  • Reduce support load for add-on developers
  • Reduce workload for repository maintainers

Below is a table of on which submissions are allowed to official Kodi repository.

Allowed add-on submissions
codename version update new
Dharma 10.x no no
Eden 11.x no no
Frodo 12.x no no
Gotham 13.x yes no
Helix 14.x yes no
Isengard 15.x yes no
Jarvis 16.x yes no
Krypton 17.x yes yes
Leia 18.x yes yes

Additional feature is that we now use combined repositories. So if your add-on is Gotham/Helix compatible, you only need to send it to Gotham repository. If it's only Helix compatible you need to send it to Helix repository. This of course requires that the minimal Kodi dependencies are set accordingly.

Which repos are used
codename version repo
Dharma 10.x Dharma
Eden 11.x Eden
Frodo 12.x Frodo
Gotham 13.x Gotham
Helix 14.x Gotham Helix
Isengard 15.x Gotham Helix Isengard
Jarvis 16.x Gotham Helix Isengard Jarvis
Krypton 17.x Gotham Helix Isengard Jarvis Krypton

3 Github

3.1 Pull requests

New add-ons or updates may be submitted directly to the Official add-on repository on Github as pull requests. We encourage add-on developers to use this method as the process is easier for both parties involved. Of course this requires some initial git knowledge and we strongly suggest to read up on this subject before using this method. To reduce size we have split up the git repositories in several locations. Please visit Official add-on repository to see where they are. Each contains a small readme with a short description of it's contents as well as a link to a short explanation on how to submit using git command line. There are also git tools available that have a graphic interface and the steps above should be done in a similar way. Please consult the manual of those programs.

In addition to the repository guidelines the following rules apply when submitting PRs on Github:

  • PR should contain one commit only.
  • Commit message should have the format "[addonid] version". Example: "[] 1.0.1"

If Team Kodi reviewers asked you to make some changes in your PR, follow this procedure: HOW-TO: Update a pull request to an official addon repository on GitHub.

Only PRs from the add-on author or his successor will be accepted. Patches should be submitted upstream to the original author first. For an easy way to create PR from your own git repository, see HOW-TO: create add-on PRs using Git Subtree Merging.

3.2 Issue ticket

If you are not experienced yet with git and pull requests you may also use the "issue" option where you submit a request to get you add-on added. In this ticket you need to provide the basic information needed so our repo maintainers know where to get the correct version. This consists of

 - Add-on name: 
 - Add-on ID:
 - Version number:
 - Kodi/repository version:
 - Code location URL:
 - Revision/tag: 
 - Branch:

Further information is provide when you initially create the issue on github as comments in the ticket. Same repository guidelines apply here as well.

WARNING: Do not create bug tickets in these repositories as they will be closed without notice.

3.3 How to submit your add-on and subsequent updates

Submitting updates is done the same way as with pull requests or issue ticket.

3.4 Repository lists

You can create pull requests or tickets on the following individual repositories.

4 Additional information

Note that skin .xbt files will be generated automatically for skins so you do not include this in your pull request or created tickets. After the add-on has been added or updated it will be available from the Kodi repository in Kodi itself, on and on the wiki page

Note: Please locate you add-on in the root of the git repository. This to make sure we can easily pull the add-on into our repository. Example:

Tip Tip: We automatically combine all repos into one single repo list on our server and provide that list to Kodi. You only need to do a request for the minimum repo your add-on supports.

5 The mailing list