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This category contains the settings for how media lists are displayed.

1 All

Settings media generall all.JPG

1.1 Show parent folder items

Settings level: Standard
Description: Determines the display of the parent folder icon (..)

1.2 Ignore articles when sorting

Settings level: Standard
Description: Allows for certain tokens to be ignored during sort operations. For example, with this option enabled, "The Simpsons" would simply be sorted as "Simpsons".Tokens are configured through langinfo.xml or through <sorttokens> in advancedsettings.xml.

2 Files

Settings media generall files.JPG

2.1 Show file extensions

Settings level: Standard
Description: Determines the display of the extensions on media files. For example, "You Enjoy Myself" would be simply be displayed as "You Enjoy Myself.mp3"

2.2 Show "Add source" buttons in file lists

Settings level: Standard
Description: Enables showing the add source button from root sections of the user interface.

2.3 Show hidden files and directories

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Shows hidden files and directories

2.4 Allow file renaming and deletion

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Allows you to delete and rename files through the user interface, via the contextual menu (press C on a keyboard, for example, to bring up this menu).