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Settings for Live TV and PRV features are found here. Change fullscreen info, manage EPG data settings, etc. Live TV settings also are set in the individual PVR add-on settings that you enabled during PVR setup.


Setting Description Setting level
Enabled Enable the Personal Video Recorder (PVR) features in XBMC. This requires that at least one PVR add-on is installed.
Do not show 'connection lost' warnings Hide the warning if XBMC lost the connection to the backend (for example: if the backend service died)
Synchronize channel groups with backends Imports channel groups from the backend (if supported by the add-on and backend). Will delete user created groups if they're not found on the backends.
Always use the channel order from the backend(s) Sorts the channels by channel number on the server, but uses XBMC's own numbering for channels.
Use backend channels numbers (only works with 1 enabled PVR add-on) Use numbering from the backend, instead of configuring them manually over XBMC.
Channel manager Opens the channel manager, which allows modifying the channel order, channel name, icon, etc.
Search for channels Instruct the backend to search for channels (if supported by the add-on and backend)
Reset the PVR database Delete channel/epg database and reimport the data from backend afterwards


Setting Description Setting level
Show channel information when switching channels shows information about the current programm on this channel
-Automatically hide channel information
Automatically hide the channel information that is displayed when switching to another channel in full screen mode
-Channel information duration
Time that the information dialog is displayed when switching channels. Defaults to 5 seconds.
Close channel OSD after switching channels Automatically close the channel OSD after selecting a channel in that OSD.
Folder with channel icons Location where the tv logos ( ) are stored
Scan for missing icons Look for missing icons and link icons to channels so they appear in the "Live TV" channel section


Setting Description Setting level
Default EPG window Default EPG window to show. Defaults to Timeline.
Days to display in the EPG Number of days of EPG data to import from backends. Defaults to 3 days.
EPG update interval Time between EPG data imports from backends. Defaults to 120 minutes.
Default select action
Prevent EPG updates during playback Do not import EPG data while playing TV, to minimise CPU usage.
Do not store the EPG in the database EPG data is stored in a local database by default, to speed up EPG importing when XBMC is restarted. Enabling this option will prevent that.
Do not show 'no information available' labels Hides "no information available" labels when no EPG data could be retrieved for a channel.
Reset the EPG database Delete the EPG database in xbmc and reimport the data afterwards from the backend


Setting Description Setting level
Start playback minimized Display stream of selected channel in a small box instead of fullscreen (Defaults: yes)
Continue last channel on startup Shows the last seen channel if switching to live tv (Defaults: no)
Show signal quality True to display signal quality information in the codec information window (if supported by the add-on and backend)
Timeout when starting playback Return to the previous window and stop playback if the channel stream doesn't start within this timeout. Defaults to 15 seconds.
Confirm channel switches by pressing OK When this option is enabled, pressing a number button in full screen mode will automatically switch to the channel number that was entered after 1 second. When disabled, you need to confirm the switch by pressing ok.
Deplay channel switch When pressing channel up or down, the actual channel switch is delayed. Defaults to 0 milliseconds.


Setting Description Setting level
Instant recording duration Duration of the recording when pressing the record button, or when creating a new manual timer. Defaults to 120 minutes.
Default recording priority Priority of the recording, between 0 and 100. Higher number means higher priority. Defaults to 50. Not supported by all add-ons and backends.
Default recording lifetime Delete recording after this time. Defaults to 99 days. Not supported by all add-ons and backends.
Margin at starting of a recording Start recordings before the actual time. Not supported by all add-ons and backends.
Margin at end of a recording End recordings after the actual time. Not supported by all add-ons and backends.
Display a notification on timer updates Displays a notification when timers are added, finished or removed by the backend.

Power saving

Settings.PVR.Power saving.png
Setting Description Setting level
Enabled Enabling this option will execute the "wakeup command" below when XBMC exits or is going into hibernation mode. The timestamp of the next scheduled recording is passed as parameter.
Backend idle time The command will not be executed when a recording will be started within this timeout. Defaults to 15 minutes.
Set wakeup command (cmd[timestamp]) The command to execute. Defaults to '/usr/bin/'.
Wakeup before recording Time to substract from the start time of the next scheduled recording. Defaults to 15 minutes.
Daily wakeup Execute the wake up command every day at the given time
Daily wakeup time (HH:MM:SS) When to execute the daily wake up command

Parental control

Settings.PVR.Parental control.png
Setting Description Setting level
Enabled Will ask for a pin code to access parental locked channels. Channels can be marked as locked in the channels editor on the general tab. Parental locked channels can not be played or recorded without entering a pin code, and the EPG information is hidden for those channels.
Change PIN Enter a new pin code to unlock parental locked channels.
Unlock duration Ask for the pin code again when trying to access a parental locked channel and the code hasn't been asked for this duration. Defaults to 300 seconds.

Client specific

Settings.PVR.client specific.png
Setting Description Setting level
Client specific settings This option will bring you to any specific settings for your PVR backend, if the PVR backend supports changing those settings in XBMC.

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