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1 Registration

By following the link to the forum, you will be able to create a new username. After registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail, which you must accept before being able to post on our forum.

1.1 Unacceptable usernames

  1. We aim to make the the forum a welcoming place for people of all ages and backgrounds. Thus any user account registered using a name that is deemed inappropriate for a public forum or liable to offend, for example: sexual or racial references, could result in that account receiving an immediate permanent ban.
  2. The username you want to register shall not contain "XBMC" / "Kodi"
  3. Do not use usernames to promote your business, product, or website.
    Exception: We make an exception when the username is in relation to a legal non-profit or the company you represent is an official XBMC Foundation sponsor. Allowed group names must include a personal identifier (e.g. KodiSponsor-Nate or Nonprofit-Nate).

Note - If a username is deemed unacceptable then the decision of the forum moderators is final. However if your account has been banned due to your choice of user name this does not mean you are not welcome, so you are free to try registration again using a more appropriate username, just be sure you are more careful in your username selection.