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Many of us have been tempted by the allure of Kodi's beauty. There are some excellent skin designers out there who have gone to great lengths to create and share beautiful ways of viewing and navigating our media collections. As default, Kodi comes with the excellent skin Estuary, but there are plenty more to choose from.

Installing a new skin

Installing a skin from a zip file.

Although there are many skins already available to you from Kodi Add-on repository, there are even more that you may want to try out, including modified versions of the ones available in the Official Kodi repository. Some of those skins can be found in the Skin Support section of the Kodi forum as well as Work in Progress skins which can be found in the Skinning/WIP Skins sub-section of the Kodi forum.

To install these skins you will need to install them from a zip file. See: How to install from a ZIP file

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