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Template:XBMC wiki toc XBMC contains an HTTP-client with which you can add sources in all sections in the XBMC interface, however as HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol ) is not designed to stream audio/video data it is not recommended that you use it under the Music or Videos sections.

1 Source formatting

Formatting in sources.xml:

Example (if any variables are not needed, omit the required punctuation):

    <!--to connect as anonymous use "http://ipaddress:port/" or just "http://ipaddress"-->
    <path>http://username:[email protected]:port/directory/|option1=value1&option2=value2</path>

Examples of options include "auth", which is required if your HTTP server uses any type of authentication other than basic. E.g. if your HTTP server uses digest authentication, use http://username:[email protected]:port/directory/|auth=digest. For maximum flexibility, use auth=any or auth=anysafe (i.e. anything other than basic).

Other options include:

  • Referer
  • User-Agent
  • Cookie
  • Encoding

For the meanings of these, see RFC 2616.

2 See also