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XBMC is a non-profit open source hobby project that is developed only by volunteers in their spare-time without any monetary gain. The team of developers working on XBMC encurage anyone submit your own source code patches for bug-fixes, new features/functions, improvements to existing ones. All and any help/additions/contributions to the source code are appriciated, and please note that even though we will do our best to look at and give feedback on your code/patch as soon as possible please understand trhat there are no garantees that your patch will be accepted and implemented into XBMC. Please be patient (especially during public holiday periods). Please understand that clean and well documented code will most likely be looked at and implemented sooner than messy and undocumented code.

1 Submitting a source code patch

If it is under 255KB when zipped then please submit it on our SourceForge Patch-Tracker, otherwise please upload it here. Then to get some attention please post a new topic thread in the development-section of our community-forums telling everyone about the patch and it's functions/features, this also allows for a more open discussion about possible improvements/enhancements or additions and bugs/fixes.

2 Minimum requirements

We currently don't have any other requirements other than the code being under LGPL or GPL license and that all/any comments and documentation should be in correct and in English. Clean and documented code are also more appriciated than messy and undocumented code. Please also try try to avoid code duplications as the Xbox hardware-platform is quite resourse restrictive.

3 Patch format

Undetermend (other than just zip the files to get the size down).

4 Code documentation

Though not a standard in the XBMC source code tree nor a requirement please try to use doxygen to document your code, but please also add a small readme.txt to the the patch when submitting it, telling people what functions/features it serves and how to apply it.

5 Code guide-lines and formatting conventions

Still under discussion, please follow or add to the discussion here. Modular designs (like libs and DLL) are prefered.