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Adding videos to the library/Contents

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Need to add videos such as home movies or other videos that are not normally found by Kodi's scrapers? This page will show you a few solutions on adding custom videos, such as home movies, clips, special editions, and more.

1 JustUseTheFileName

To simply add videos to the library as movies without any special info you can install the JustUseTheFileName scraper:

2 NFO files

  • Add NFO files for each file. For step-by-steps look at the additional guides below.
  • Here's a basic/bare minimal example of an NFO file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <title>Some title</title>
        <originaltitle>Some title just in case - you most likely dont need this either</originaltitle>
        <sorttitle>It will sort by this title if you include it</sorttitle>

3 Filtering custom videos

See: Custom home items

4 Additional guides