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* Added support for CoreAudio AudioEngine to OS notifications for device changes on OSX and iOS
* Added support for CoreAudio AudioEngine to OS notifications for device changes on OSX and iOS
* Added PulseAudio sink for [[AudioEngine#ActiveAE|ActiveAE], for linux Desktop users
* Added PulseAudio sink for [[AudioEngine#ActiveAE|ActiveAE], for linux Desktop users
* ?
=== Other ===
=== Other ===

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Home icon grey.png   ▶ Releases ▶ XBMC v13 (Gotham) changelog
This page or section describes features that were added as a part of XBMC v13 with codename "Gotham".
Emblem-important-yellow.png NOTICE:
Gotham final has not been released yet. As such, this condensed changelog is for the current XBMC mainline which is a work in progress, and many things are subject to change.
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This page or section is incomplete. Please add information or correct uncertain data which is marked with a ?

XBMC Wiki copy of the XBMC v13 (Gotham) condensed changelog for the release with a summery of the larger or most important features and functions.

1 Changelog

1.1 Live TV and PVR (Personal Video Recorder)

  • Added much improved PVR / EPG and Live TV interface in XBMC's GUI skinning engine (already in use in Confluence)
  • Added improved PVR / DVR timeshift support to pause Live TV (note that each PVR backend still need to support timeshifting)
  • Added much improved PVR / EPG extensions and notifications support over the JSON-RPC API
  • Improved PVR front-end with Live TV and EPG specific windows, plus PVR stuff in OSD and GUI settings in Confluence skin
  • Improved PVR backend clients addons available for many popular third-party PVR backend software
  •  ?

1.2 Add-ons Framework, API, and Manager

For full changelogs on changes to the Addons API, see Gotham API changes, the JSON-RPC Development Forum, and the Python Development Forum

  • Added option for allowing skins to query directories (e.g. plugins) to fill static content
  • Added a Monitor class to receive JSON-RPC notifications directly through the Python bindings
  • Added announce function and register addon for announcements to the Add-ons API
  • Added new Built-In function to control state of attached HDMI CEC device via Add-ons API
  • Added support for XBMC's Python interface to use native keyboard if possible (currently only iOS)
  • Added support for addon binary reading and writing via a "buffer" class usable from addons
  • Added WOL (Wake-on-LAN) with send magic packet function to the Add-ons API
  • Improved the ability to extend XBMC's native Python API by writing C++ code generated via Groovy and SWIG
  • Improved Addons API for homebrew DIY RGB LED Ambilight clone client software such as Boblight
  •  ?

1.3 GUI Engine (Skinning Engine)

For full changelog on changes to the skinning engine, see Gotham API changes and the Skin Development Forum

  • Added support for customizable menu structure for home and beyond
  • Added Stereoscopic 3D rendering support (Side-by-Side, Top-Bottom, and Anaglyph) to XBMC's GUI skinning engine
  • Added Stereoscopic 3D rendering support (Side-by-Side, Top-Bottom, and Anaglyph) for Subtitles when in 3D mode
  • Added a simple Movie Set management to GUI for Edit/Clear Set and Add/Remove Set members
  • Added option support for both banner and poster music art types simultaneously
  • Added picture tags metadata info accessible for skins or addons developers
  • Added further optimizations to XBMC's GUI engine for faster rendering on low resource embedded devices
  • Improved touch and gesture support for all platforms, and also improved the default touch screen skin (Touched)
  • Added ImageFactory implementation with factory to abstract different image libraries and hardware acceleration
  • Improved Dirty Regions rendering on all platforms
  • Refactored settings system to consist of XML files containing descriptions of every setting
  •  ?

1.4 Platform Independent Playback

  • Added support for H.264 (including Hi10P) multi-threaded video decoding when software decoder on CPU is used
  • Added ability to play external audio track with videos
  • Added support for video playback of SageTV recordings
  • Added unified buffering capability to video and overlay renderers for all internal players
  • Upgraded FFmpeg (libavcodec and libavformat) audio/video codec and demuxer libraries to FFmpeg 1.2 (rev e820e3a)
  •  ?

1.5 Library

  • Added extensive MusicBrainz tags support to the Music Library and Database
  • Added ability to queue list of items / add items to a playlist without playing them
  • Improved and extended Smart Playlists functionality
  • Added support for scanning videos SFTP and SSH sources so can scrape metadata
  • Added support for write-enabled WebDAV (delete/rename/write files and directories)
  • Added "Add art" button to video artwork selection dialog
  • Added support for "last played" sort option to the TV Show GUI
  • Added support for OGG cover art extraction to TagLib
  • Added option support for exporting music art as JPEG or PNG rather than TBN file extension
  • Improved performance for SQL database queries for faster browsing
  •  ?

1.6 Scrapers

  • Added theaudiodb.com music video scraper as new default for music videos
  •  ?

1.7 AudioEngine

  • Added new event driven ActiveAE audio sink as the default sink for AudioEngine (XBMC's audio engine)
  • Added support for CoreAudio AudioEngine to OS notifications for device changes on OSX and iOS
  • Added PulseAudio sink for [[AudioEngine#ActiveAE|ActiveAE], for linux Desktop users
  •  ?

1.8 Other

  • Added support for "Play to" and controlling remote XBMC / DLNA instance over UPnP
  • Added new "Fishbmc" audio visualization addon (only OpenGL versions for Linux and Mac OS X for now)
  • Added GUI settings levels for Basic, Standard, Advanced, Expert (defaults to "Standard")
  • Added support and GUI settings for SOCKS 4/4a/5 proxy types and remote DNS
  • Added possibility to define help descriptions ("I" key) for every setting in GUI settings
  • Added option to set auto login of a specific user profile via the GUI
  • Added CPU / GPU frequency and temperature for all supported Linux platforms
  • Added support to allow key IDs in keyboard.xml to be in hexadecimal format
  • Upgraded DVD-Video navigation and playback libraries (libdvdnav, libdvdread, and libdvdcss)
  • Upgraded SAMBA client to version 3.6.x adding full support for SMB 2.0 and SMB 2.1 protocols
  • Added initial support for running libxbmc.so headless (without GUI) as a background service / deamon
  • Added a generic and user-mappable cross-platform touch input system
  • Improved CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) support for Pulse-Eight's LibCEC
  • Moved subtitle addon core handling to core and added native support for subtitle plugin services
  • Updated community maintained translations to over 60+ languages to date for XBMC via Transifex Translation System
  •  ?

1.9 Android Specific

  • Added first full (and stable) XBMC for Android port with multi-architecture platform support (supports ARM, MIPS, and x86)
  • Added built-in command for addons and skins to execute Android apps with optional params via applicationmanager
  • Added support to allow landscape and reverse landscape orientation of XBMC GUI on Android
  • Added MediaCodec API (Android 4.1 API level 16) software rendering implementation support to XBMC's DVDPlayer
  • Added StageFright API (Android 4.0 API level 14) hardware rendering implementation support to XBMC
  • Added OpenMAX Video Acceleration API support for OpenMAX AL API on Android via StageFright and MediaCodec
  • Improved the dedicated AMLPlayer video player for hardware accelerated video decoding on Amlogic
  • Added external player (external player launcher) support on Android
  • Added native volume control for Android from within XBMC
  • Improved NEON (Advanced SIMD instruction set) CPU acceleration support for ARM architecture
  •  ?

1.10 BSD Specific

  • Improved XBMC support for BSD (operating system) on FreeBSD, PC-BSD, and other similar BSD platforms
  • Improved VDPAU (NVIDIA) Hardware Acceleration Video Decoding support on BSD
  • Improved VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) Hardware Acceleration Video Decoding support on BSD
  •  ?

1.11 Linux Specific

  • Added VA-API (libva) support for decoding videos with larger resolutions than 1080p (such as 4K resolution)
  • Improved ARM processor architecture (Pivos XIOS DS and Raspberry Pi as reference devices)
  • Improved OpenGL ES and EGL support (Pivos XIOS DS and Raspberry Pi as reference devices)
  • Improved VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) support (requires VAAPI compatible hardware and drivers)
  • Improved VDPAU (NVIDIA) Hardware Video Acceleration and its upscaling/deinterlacing capabilities
  • Improved OpenMAX Video Acceleration API support for Linux (using Raspberry Pi as reference hardware)
  • Added RenderCapture implementation to Linux for Raspberry Pi for Ambilight addons
  • Added support for OpenMAX pipeline to handle JPEG decode/resize/convert/encode to texture on Raspberry Pi
  • Added support for hardware assisted video decoding of MJPEG, VP6, VP8 and Ogg Theora on Raspberry Pi
  • Added support for Fast Forward and Rewind video up 4x to OpenMAX (OMXPlayer) on Linux for Raspberry Pi
  • Added support multi-channel PCM audio output over HDMI to OpenMAX (OMXPlayer) on Linux for Raspberry Pi
  • Added screenshot implementation to Linux for Raspberry Pi that includes the video layer
  • Added hot-plug support for Linux input devices, such as Bluetooth remotes and keyboards
  • Improved AMD/Intel x86-64 64-bit (AMD64 / IA-64t CPU architectures) support under Linux
  • Removed dependencies of SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) for windowing and event handling on X11
  •  ?

1.12 iOS Specific

  • Added support for native media control bar and play background music on iOS
  • Added adaptions for developing XBMC on non-jailbroken iSO devices (for development only, not to release on App Store)
  •  ?

1.13 Mac OS X Specific

  • Added XBMC support for OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
  • Added support for copy and paste to and from clipboard with command key
  •  ?

1.14 Windows Specific

  • Added support for Pixel Shader based HQ (High Quality) scalers for DXVA renderer on Windows
  • Added hybrid shutdown option on Windows 8 (which in turn enables quick boot)
  • Removed Windows XP support (as from now XBMC for Windows requires at least Vista or later)
  •  ?

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