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XBMC v13 "Gotham" will have simplified settings divided into 4 modes, <big>'''Basic''', '''Standard''', '''Expert''' and '''Advanced'''</big>.
Each mode unlocks more settings, and is available via side menu when in respective settings views are selected.
{{forum link2|See [[forum:163867| [WIP] Settings refactor PR 2660 Documenting changes/issues]] discussion thread for more information.}}<br />

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File lists

Show EXIF picture information
When enabled, if EXIF information (date/time, camera used, etc.) exists, it will be displayed onscreen.
Automatically generate thumbnails
Automatically generates picture thumbnails when entering picture folder.
Rotate pictures using EXIF information
When enabled, pictures will automatically rotate according to rotate information in the pictures EXIF, if found.
Show video files in listings
Shows video media in picture file lists, since most digital cameras nowadays have video recording capabilities.


Amount of time to display each image
Controls the amount of time (in seconds) that each image is displayed for in a slideshow.
Use pan and zoom effects
When enabled, images in a slideshow will pan and zoom while displayed.