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Author: Team Kodi: Memphiz, Daniel 'herrnst' Scheller
Website: link
Type: Services
Repo: repo v21 repo v20 repo v19

License: GPL v2.0
Source: Source code
Summary: Kodi/XBMC LCDproc
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Displays configurable information e.g. about playing media or Kodi status on any LC/VF-display driven by LCDproc, and acts as direct drop-in replacement to the LCD/VFD-feature previously available in Kodi/XBMC's core. Supports additional display elements (icons, bars) on SoundGraph iMON LCD and Targa/Futaba mdm166a VFD hardware. Requires a properly configured and running LCDd either locally or somewhere on the network.


This add-on is installed from the Add-on browser located in Kodi as follows:

  1. Settings
  2. Add-ons
  3. Install from repository
  4. Services
  5. XBMC LCDproc
  6. Install



See also LCD.xml for customizing

The LCD.xml file is used for customizing the output of the LCD Display.


The "XBMC LCDproc" addon as is now part of the official Addon repository and is installable and receives updates if installed.

XBMC LCDproc addon is GPLv2 licensed and implemented in Python. The addon handles communication to LCDd more cleanly (reacts properly on any responses and only sends update when really needed, without spamming the socket) and improves on many other things (e.g. no more character translation table for any display type required, special chars handled via native LCDproc widgets etc.). While the addon runs very stable at least for me and can fully replace the code currently present in XBMC's core, it definitely requires testing by more users (different platforms, different displays, different LCD.xml configurations and so on). So I'd like to kindly ask anyone using a LCD or VFD driven by LCDproc to test this Smile