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| Name = Pandora
| provider-name = spbogie
| ID = script.xbmc.pandora
| latest-version = 1.2.9
| extension point = xbmc.python.script
|extension point=xbmc.python.script
| provides = audio
| Platform = all
|Summary=Pandora Radio
| broken =  
|Description=Pandora Radio for XBMC.
| icon url =  
| Summary = Pandora Radio
| Description = Pandora Internet Radio for XBMC.
| blackbg = yes
{{forum link2|For more information and support, see the [[forum:70471|Pandora thread]] at the XBMC forums}}
|icon url=http://mirrors.kodi.tv/addons/jarvis/script.audio.pandora/icon.png}}

[[Category:Add-ons not in the XBMC.org repo]]
== Links ==
* Roy Ivy III's Pandora Radio Player for XBMC: https://github.com/rivy/xbmc-script.audio.pandora
* Report issues to https://github.com/rivy/xbmc-script.audio.pandora/issues
* NOTE: original source code (by spbogie) @ http://gitorious.org/xbmc-Pandora ''(out of date and no longer functioning)''

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Author: rivy

Type: Music/Audio

License: GPL-3.0
Source: Source code
Summary: Pandora Radio
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Pandora Radio for XBMC.