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See this add-on on the showcase

Author: MKay, Mizaki et al

Type: Web interface
Repo: repo v21 repo v20 repo v19

Source: Source code
Summary: AWXi - Ajax based Webinterface for XBMC
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Attention talk.png Need help with this add-on? See here.

You can use this webinterface to control the Audio/Video Section of XBMC: play/pause/stop/skip, show artists/albums/movies/tv shows and play them or add them to the playlist. It's designed for use on PCs or laptops with a browser like FireFox which supports JavaScript.

Minimum requirements: XBMC Frodo
Tested Browsers:
 - FireFox
 - Chromium
 - Internet Explorer 9
Not supported: Internet Explorer 6

Hint: You may need to clear your browser-cache before you open the new installed/updated webinterface in your browser. It is highly recommended that you use a browser capable of using web sockets. IE 9 is not one of them.


This add-on is installed from the Add-on browser located in Kodi as follows:

  1. Settings
  2. Add-ons
  3. Install from repository
  4. Web interface
  5. AWXi
  6. Install


AWXi aims to replicate, as far as possible, the functions of the graphical user interface that comes with XBMC.


AWXi supports a number of views for each type of media. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available from the github repository with the view to being in the next stable release to the official repository.



The logo view uses logos available from which can be automatically downloaded using cdART addon. When using this view you must specify the root location of your music logos with each artist having a directory of the same name as in your library, inside there should be a file called "logo.png". The expected size of each logo is 400x155 pixels. See for details.

Clicking on the artist's logo will take you to a list of their albums.

Artist's logo view

Does not support lazy loading of images


This view uses the artist thumb from XBMC. Clicking the artist will show their albums.

Artist's cover view


This view is a simple ordered list. Clicking the artist will show their albums.

Artist's list view



This view uses the album art from XBMC.

Albums cover view


This view is a simple ordered list. The icons will enqueue and play respectively.

List inline

This view is a simple ordered list that expands to show the album songs and details. The icons under the album art will play or enqueue the entire album respectively. The icons next to each song will enqueue, play next and clicking the song name will play it.

Albums inline view



Simple list.

Recent Albums

Same as albums.



Simple list.



Movies poster view

Hover over for function: Play, Enqueue, Information.

Single Posters

Movies single poster view

One poster at a time. Scales to window size.

List overlay

Simple list. Details in overlay screen.

List inline

Movies inline view

A list view that allows multiple movie information pages to be open.


Same as the List inline but only allows one movie open at a time. Warning: High CPU on initial opening!

Movie Sets




Simple list.

Recent Movies

Same as movies.

TV Shows

TV banners view



Simple list.


TV logos view

Logos are taken from TV show directory.

Does not support lazy loading of images



Hover over the thumbnail for functions.

Episode thumbnail view.


Simple list.

Recent TV

Details List

TV recent view

Episode details with thumbnail. Click name to see unwatched.



Simple list.

Movie Information Overlay

Movie overlay screen shot

TV Information Overlay

TV Show overlay screen shot

Episode Information Overlay

Episode overlay screen shot



UI: Available UIs. The page must be reloaded to reflect the change.

use LazyLoad: Images are only loaded when viewed. Will save on initial bandwidth and memory usage.

Language: Pick your language. (Community created so may lag a little behind English)

TimeOut for Ajax-Requests: How long to wait for XBMC to respond. If you have a slow PC (ATV2 for example) increasing this may be requested to retrieve large lists.


Use fan art as background: When a fan art is available for the currently playing item it is displayed as a background. When viewing information in an overlay window the fan art is used as the background.

Hide watched: Don't show any movies, TV series or episodes that has been marked as watched.

Hide watched mark: Hide the mark (tick) next to titles of watched media.

Cinema Experience installed: Adds a link in the information contents to play a movie via the Cinema Experience addon.



  • Album name
  • Artist - Album name
  • Year
  • Genre
  • Added

Ascending or descending.


  • Title
  • Sort title
  • Year
  • Genre
  • Added
  • Rating
  • Studio

Ascending or descending.

TV Shows

  • Title
  • Year
  • Genre
  • Added
  • Rating
  • Episodes (number of)

Ascending or descending.


  • Title
  • Added
  • Rating
  • Episodes (number)

Ascending or descending.


This file enables the user to disable various functions. Similar to a jukebox feature. Any feature you want to disable change it to "false".

"player": This controls things like play/pause, next, stop etc. "enqueue": Allow or disallow enqueue of media. "playnext": Play a song next. "input": Left and right, context menu etc. "volume": Adjust volume. "playlist": Play list controls; clear, remove, swap. "system": Shut down, restart etc. "livetv": Switch channel and record.

Advanced Search

This is only available on the pre-Frodo XBMC and Frodo branch of AWXi

The advanced search works in a similar way to mathematical boolean operators.

Example 1

({title startswith "a"} and {genre is "action"} and {year is "2012"}) looks like:

Simple search

Example 2

({title startswith "a"} and {title contains "v"}) or {year is 2012}.

To replicate the you would do the following:

  1. Change "Field" to "year" and "Operator" to "is" and enter "2012"
  2. Click add
  3. Change to "or"
  4. Click open icon Awxi adv open.png
  5. Change "Operator" to "startswith" and enter "a"
  6. Click add
  7. Enter "v"
  8. Click close icon Awxi adv close.png
  9. Click search

Example 3

({title startswith "a"} and {title contains "v"}) or ({genre is "action"} and {year is 2012})

  1. Click open
  2. Click add
  3. Change first box (now just containing and/or selection) "or"
  4. Click open
  5. Change to "startswith" and "a"
  6. Click add
  7. Change to "v"
  8. Click close
  9. Click add
  10. Click open
  11. Change to "genre" "is" "action"
  12. Click add
  13. Change to "year" "is" "2012"
  14. Click close
  15. Click add
  16. Click close
  17. Click search
Advanced search 2 fields or'ed

Tips and Tricks

Changing Views

Once you have changed a view in the settings you can refresh the page to use that view

Multiple web interfaces

Simple way:

Web interface

In a *nix type environment you can do something similar to the following: Select a default web interface in XBMC. In that web interface's directory create a softlink to another installed web interface: ln -s ../webinterface.awxi awx

.xbmc/addons/webinterface.wtouch$ ls

  • addon.xml
  • awx -> ../webinterface.awx
  • changelog.txt
  • DefaultAlbumCover.png
  • DefaultFolder.png
  • DefaultVideo.png
  • FolderMusic.png
  • FolderVideo.png
  • glass.png
  • icon.png
  • index.html
  • json.js
  • key.png
  • LICENSE.txt
  • Personal.png
  • Services.png
  • splash.png
  • toolbar.png
  • xrc -> ../webinterface.xrc/
  • xwmm -> ../webinterface.XWMM/

In the above listing awx,xrc and xwmm are soft links to other installed web interfaces. To access these others simple put a /<name> onto the usual <ip>:<port>. Examples in the above instance:

  • http://<ip>:<port>/awx
  • http://<ip>:<port>/xrc
  • http://<ip>:<port>/xwmm

Another example from XWMM forum page

The same should work for Window by creating shortcuts in the same fashion.


Providing the XBMC.log file

If the more involved way below is too much you can enable debugging and post the xbmc.log file.

Enable debugging: System->System->Debugging->Enable debugging logging

Restart XBMC (to make a clean log file). Reproduce the error/problem and close XBMC.

Alternatively you can use the Debug_Log addon.

Under the hood debugging

First clear your cache. Your web browser may not be using the latest files for AWXi. By clearing your cache you force it to load the latest.

If you come across a problem with AWXi there are a few ways in which you can help nail down the issue.

In most browsers you can open the console by pressing F12. If AWXi is failing to load at all, refresh/reload the page with the console open and report the error on the forum thread. Once open on the AWXi page you will see it polling your XBMC for information. In Firefox you will need to right click one of these requests and enable "Log Requests and Response Bodies". In Chrome click the "Network" tab. In IE go to "Network", click "Start capturing", click "Go to detail view" and click the "Response body" to see the returned information.

Load the page, or run the function that is not working and post the information on the forum thread.