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This is a list of all predefined actions in XBMC. Additional actions are available by using built-in functions. See Built In Functions for more details on the built-in functions.

1 General actions available throughout most of XBMC

Action Description
left Left
right Right
up Up
down Down
pageup Page Up
pagedown Page Down
select Select Item
highlight Highlight Item
parentdir Go to the parent directory (cd ..)
previousmenu Go back a menu
info Show Info
screenshot Takes a screenshot
poweroff Power off the xbox
volumeup Increase volume
volumedown Decrease volume
mute Mute
contextmenu Toggle the context menu
scrollup Scroll Up in list
scrolldown Scroll Down in list
close Close open dialog box
number0 Remote number 0
number1 Remote number 1
number2 Remote number 2
number3 Remote number 3
number4 Remote number 4
number5 Remote number 5
number6 Remote number 6
number7 Remote number 7
number8 Remote number 8
number9 Remote number 9

2 General actions available while video or music are playing

Action Description
play Play & Unpause
pause Pause & Unpause
stop Stop
fastforward Fast Forward
rewind Rewind
skipnext Skip to next item in playlist
skipprevious Skip to previous item in playlist
fullscreen Switch between GUI and Video or Visualisation
codecinfo Shows codec information
analogseekforward Forward analog control of the seek bar
analogseekback Backward analog control of the seek bar
analogfastforward Analog Fastfoward
analogrewind Analog Rewind

3 Actions available only in Music and Videos windows only

Action Description
playlist Shows the current playlist
queue Queues the current item

4 Actions available only in playlists view (Now Showing)

Action Description
moveitemup Move item up in playlist
moveitemdown Move item down in playlist

5 Actions available only in Full Screen Video

Action Description
stepforward Small jump forward in playtime
stepback Small jump backward in playtime
bigstepforward Big jump forward in playtime
bigstepback Big jumpbackward in playtime
smallstepback Jump back 7 seconds
osd Show OSD
aspectratio Switch between zoom modes
showsubtitles Toggle subtitles on or off
nextsubtitle Switch to next subtitle
subtitledelayminus Decrease subtitle delay
subtitledelayplus Increase subtitle delay
audiodelayminus Decrease AV sync delay
audiodelayplus Increase AV sync delay
audionextlanguage Switch to next audio track
mplayerosd Show Mplayer's OSD
showtime Show current play time
showvideomenu Show DVD menu (not implemented yet)

6 Actions available during a picture slideshow

Action Description
nextpicture Skips to next picture in slideshow
previouspicture Skips to previous picture in slideshow
zoomout Decreases zoom by one level
zoomin Increases zoom by one level
zoomnormal Normal zoom level (100%)
zoomlevel1 Zoom level 1 (120%)
zoomlevel2 Zoom level 2 (150%)
zoomlevel3 Zoom level 3 (200%)
zoomlevel4 Zoom level 4 (280%)
zoomlevel5 Zoom level 5 (400%)
zoomlevel6 Zoom level 6 (600%)
zoomlevel7 Zoom level 7 (900%)
zoomlevel8 Zoom level 8 (1350%)
zoomlevel9 Zoom level 9 (2000%)
analogmove Move around a zoomed picture
rotate Rotate picture 90 degrees

7 Actions available in screen calibration

Action Description
nextcalibration Switches between arrows in video screen calibration
resetcalibration Reset video screen calibation to defaults
analogmove Move the items in video screen calibration
nextresolution Change to next resolution during video screen calibration

8 Actions available in the File Manager

Action Description
delete Delete current item (also valid in music, video, pictures, and playlist windows)
copy Copy current item
move Move current item
rename Renames current item

9 Actions available in the on-screen keyboard

Action Description
backspace Backspace
shift Shift
symbols Toggle letters and symbols
cursorleft Move cursor left
cursorright Move cursor right

10 Actions available during a music visualisation

Action Description
osd Show OSD
showpreset Displays current preset
presetlist Displays preset menu
nextpreset Next preset
previouspreset Previous preset
lockpreset Lock current preset
randompreset Pick a random preset
increaserating Increase preset rating
decreaserating Decrease preset rating