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Kodi has a sophisticated label formatting engine, allowing the skinner to format up a particular label using bold, italics, full caps, lower case, and coloured text.

This works on all labels throughout the interface. The syntax is similar to the "phpBB" syntax seen on some bulletin board software.

The $INFO and $LOCALIZE syntaxes are explained in more detail here.


This is a long label that features different [COLOR red]colours[/COLOR] and [I]styles[/I].

[LOWERCASE]$LOCALIZE[12345][/LOWERCASE] can be used to force a localize string to lowercase.


The following keywords are used.

  • $INFO[ListItem.Title,prefix,postfix] - for specifying an info label.
  • $VAR[MyVariable,prefix,postfix] - for specifying a variable.
  • $LOCALIZE[12345] - for specifying a localized string.
  • $ADDON[ 12345] - for specifying a string provided by an addon.
  • $NUMBER[] - for specifying a numerical value.
  • [B]bold[/B] - bold text.
  • [I]italics[/I] - italic text.
  • [LIGHT]lighten[/LIGHT] - light weight text. Note: Available from Kodi v16
  • [COLOR red]red text[/COLOR] - colored text.
  • [UPPERCASE]uppercase text[/UPPERCASE] - all text is made uppercase e.g. UPPERCASE TEXT
  • [LOWERCASE]lowercase text[/LOWERCASE] - all text is made lowercase e.g. lowercase text
  • [CAPITALIZE]capitalized text[/CAPITALIZE] - first letter of every word is capitalized (Isengard onward) e.g. Capitalized Text
  • [CR] - carriage return (line break).
  • [TABS]n[/TABS] - add tabulator spaces, replace "n" with the appropriate amount of tabs to add. Note: Available from Kodi v20

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