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An Add-on is another piece of software that can be added to a program to further expand and enhance the features of that program. Imagine a smart phone and all the additional Apps that can be installed to enhance its functionality. Kodi has the same ability and these apps are referred to as Add-ons. Kodi has a growing list of community driven add-ons which can be installed from a common official repository, while still enabling third-party developers to also host their own unofficial repositories for add-ons that any user can choose to add themselves.

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Add-on Manager

The Add-on manager's purpose is to manage the various add-ons to the Kodi application. It can be browsed like any other section and the various installed/uninstalled, enabled/disabled add-ons. In the Add-on manager you can also change the settings for auto update, notifications and search for installed add-ons by bringing up the slide in submenu (press left to show/hide). The Add-on manager is not where you go to run add-ons, but only to install and configure them.

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List of all Official Add-ons

A categorized listing of all add-ons in the Kodi Official Repository, along with a few others. Many pages contain documentation for both users and developers, as well as links to forum help, websites, and more.

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Unofficial Repositories
If you encounter a broken add-on, please report it on the Kodi forum or on Github.

Add-on settings

Each Add-on has its own specific settings which can be adjusted by the user. To access the Settings page of an add-on, locate and highlight the add-on in the Add-on Browser, call up the Context Menu and select Settings.


HOW-TO:Set up subtitle services
As per Kodi v13 "Gotham", subtitles support is now built into Kodi. And instead of downloading a full subtitle download add-on, you now install one (or more) specific subtitle services.