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Currently XBMC does not support the h.264 Hi10P profile. Support for this profile will come when an update of FFmpeg is applied to DVDPlayer (XBMC's video player component). There currently is no ETA on when this will be done.

Due to recent interests in the Hi10P profile, spurred by its somewhat recent addition to x264 (a free software library for encoding video streams into the h.264 format), this page was created to list alternative ways to have Hi10P playback while using XBMC.


1 Unofficial builds

  • There is an unofficial XBMC Windows build done by forum user bambi73 that contains the newer version of FFmpeg. The latest version can be found here. For more information see the thread at forum:106051.

2 External players

XBMC can be set up to use an external player for video playback, while still using XBMC for the interface.

2.1 Windows

3 XBMC for Linux

XBMC for Linux can be set to use an external install of ffmpeg (which would support Hi10P).

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