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Adding a link to your favourite programs, pictures, videos, music, files or scripts via the favourites menu, is simple.

Some Video add-ons have this support also. So you can access from the home menu easily without having to navigate otherwise complex paths, making it easier for you and your family to access your choices without frying a brain or getting lost on the way.

You can access the 'Favourites' menu either by selecting the star icon in the lower left corner of The Home Screen of the default Confluence skin. Once it is setup. See below:


1 Favourites via context menu


Calling the context menu by pressing the C or  Win button or guide on the remote and selecting the Add to Favourites option.

2 Favourites via xml

Creating and/or editing favourites.xml in the userdata folder

Example 1 Here is how simple favourites.xml file would like for the method outline above if you were to create it manually.

    <favourite name="Water Wars II: Privatization" thumb="http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/videos/120x90/52447.jpg">PlayMedia("plugin://plugin.video.howstuffworks_com/?url=52447&mode=playVideo")</favourite>

Example 2

Here is how simple favourites.xml file looks like with SVN Repo Installed plugin entry (you need to have installed SVN Repo Installed and TED Video plugin previously installed):

    <favourite name="TED Talks" thumb="special://masterprofile/Thumbnails/Programs/d3b7311b.tbn">ActivateWindow(10024,plugin://video/TED Talks/)</favourite>
    <favourite name="SVN Repo Installer" thumb="special://home/plugins/programs/SVN Repo Installer/default.tbn">ActivateWindow(10001,plugin://programs/SVN Repo Installer/)</favourite> 

3 Accessing the Favourites


By selecting the star icon (favourites) in the Home Menu you can access your favourites added via context menu or .xml as in Example 1

4 Renaming a Favourite

Like you would any other filename, when you highlight any entry you can rename it by simply bringing up the context menu guide button on remote or C or  Win on a keyboard.

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