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==The Favourites Menu==
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|provider-name=C-Quel + John Lockwood
You can access the 'Favourites' menu either by selecting the blue icon in the lower right corner of [[General Navigation#The Home Screen|The Home Screen]], or by selecting the Favourites icon in the the [[Shutdown Menu]].<br>
You bring up the ''Shutdown'' menu by pressing down on the [[image:Btn thumb r.png]] analog '''thumbstick''' anywhere within XBMC.<br>
You can add any of your favorite programs, pictures, videos, music, files or scripts to the favorites menu. This can be achieved by one of two means:
|extension point=xbmc.metadata.scraper.movies
* By calling up the context menu (by pressing the '''White''' button or '''Title''' on the remote) and selecting the ''Add to Favorites'' option.
* By creating and/or editing Favourites.xml in [[The UserData Folder]]
|Summary=Amazon Movie Scraper
|Description=Download Movie information from www.amazon.com
|icon url=<img size=150 src="http://mirrors.xbmc.org/addons/dharma/metadata.amazon.com/icon.png"/>}}

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Author: C-Quel + John Lockwood

Type: Movie information
Version: 1.0.4

Summary: Amazon Movie Scraper
Home icon grey.png   ▶ Add-ons ▶ Amazon.com

Download Movie information from www.amazon.com

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