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This page is to be used to keep an updated list of working and non-working skins with the current SVN version of XBMC.

For more information on skins for XBMC see the HOW-TO install and switch between skins in XBMC article.

NOTE: These are mostly third-party skins, and are thus not officially supported by Team XBMC. Requests, bug reports, and support should be directed to author or on the Skin Specific Requests and End-User Support (Help) Forum. Please do not ask for help with third-party skins on Team XBMC's tracking system (Trac) site or the IRC-channel.

1 default skin

Starting with XBMC 9.11 Beta1 the default skin has been changed from Project Mayhem III skin to Confluence

A ‘Confluence’ is the coming together of many things into one point, and the skin lives up to that for sure. Jezz_X started it as a progression of his MediaStream_Redux, but it has evolved into something entirely different from its origins. You’ll surely notice that it shares a home-screen ‘blade’ with MediaStream, a settings screen feel with Aeon, views from many other skins, etc. In short, he’s used ideas from existing skins to make a coherent amalgamation that is both sexy and easy to use. Feel free to visit the gallery for screenshots or the forum to discuss the skin.

2 Currently Working Skins

Feel free add skins to this list with a sur-fix of [LIVE], [LINUX], [MAC], [WINDOWS], [XBOX] to indicate compatible platforms:

  • MediaStream_Redux [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX
  • Aeon (closed source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • Back-Row (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • Basics-101 (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • Basics-Vision (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • Clearity (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[[XBOX]
  • Clearity (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/XBOX]
  • Containment (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • Fusion (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • Insidious (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • MARK-III (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • MC360 (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/XBOX]
  • MediaStream (open source)[LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • MiniMeedia (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/XBOX]
  • Mint (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • PM3.HD (one of XBMC's two default skins) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/XBOX]
  • Project Mayhem I (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • Project Mayhem II (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • Project Mayhem III (one of XBMC's two default skins) (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • Transparency! (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/XBOX]
  • Vision (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • Vision 2 (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • Xbox-Classic (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • Xii (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]
  • xTV (Apple TV - Take 1 Replicate Skin) (open source) [LIVE]/[LINUX]/[MAC]/[WINDOWS]/[XBOX]

3 Broken Skins and Skins in Need of Update

This is a list of skins that currently do not work in XBMC becuase they are not been maintained and have been abandoned by their original authors, these skins are in need of updating and if they are open source then feel free to do so yourself.

Feel free add skins to this list:

4 More downloads

You can find many more skins here:

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