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Monobook icon.png First time user
Guides, tips, and topics to walk users through their first time using and setting up Kodi.
Gnome-emblem-downloads.png Installing
Kodi can be installed on a wide range of supported hardware, from normal desktop computers, ARM powered tablets and phones, to tiny set-top-boxes, and more.
Go-home-2.png Home screen and basic controls
You have finally installed Kodi on your equipment, launched it, and then probably sat there for a few minutes scratching your head thinking what is this?? This page will describe the commonly used screens and basic navigation around Kodi. Its aim is to allow you to become familiar with Kodi and prepare you for the upcoming setup pages.
Video.png Video library
This section covers topics and guides covering playing videos, the video library, video management, scanning content in, playing video content off the internet, and more. The Video Library allows the organization of your video content by information such as genre, title, year, actors and directors, smart playlists, advanced search and filtering, custom sections, etc. Kodi will search the internet and download rich metadata for your videos, such as cover art, summaries, and cast credits.
Icon-Artist.jpg Music library
The Music section of Kodi consists of a powerful and feature rich library that allows the flexible sorting and organization of your music collection.
Gnome-emblem-photos.png Pictures
Pictures is an easy way to view your pictures. It allows you to view them as a slideshow with nice transition effects and even allows you to listen to your music while viewing your slideshow.
Gnome-media-playback-start.png Remote controls
In Kodi the primary environment was designed for the living room (10-foot interface) and controlling it only with a remote control. While Kodi does support mouse, keyboard, and even touch controls, the main method of controlling Kodi is designed around is the typical remote. This further enhances the appliance feel of the Kodi and fits next to (or replaces) the other remotes that are likely to be in your entertainment room.
Document-properties.png Settings
This section covers Kodi's various settings and where to find them.
FAQ icon.png Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions on all the major Kodi topics. Everything from "what the heck is Kodi?" to "how do I turn off subtitles?" and more.
Artwork.png Artwork
The use of artwork takes pride of place in Kodi. The artwork will transform your mundane media player into a showpiece to be proud of, especially when teamed up with your favourite skin. Kodi will allow you to display Movie Posters, Fanart, Album Covers, Actor and Artist images to name a few. Install the Kodi slideshow add-on, and you will have a constant display of video or music fanart to brighten your entertainment room.
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