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XBMC Remote (Windows)

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XBMC Remote
Xbmc remote win8 widelogo.png
Developer Sandro Pedrocchi
OS Windows 8
Website Windows Store

XBMC Remote is a full featured media library browser and remote control for Windows 8 (Windows Store)


1 Features

  • Browse the movies, tv shows, music and music video libraries
  • Play movies, trailers, tv shows, albums and songs
  • Add movies, tv shows, albums, songs and music video to the playlist
  • Fullscreen and AppBar remote control
  • Different buttons on remote control, depending on the media type
  • Directly select the audio track and subtitle
  • Send text input to XBMC
  • Maintain the XBMC database
  • Sorting items on the playlist
  • List movies, tv shows and episodes of an actor
  • File Explorer
  • Wake on LAN
  • Poster view for tv shows
  • Save fanart as lockscreen

And much more

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