Board Minutes of 2012-11-4, as prepared by Nathan Betzen.

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Meeting started at 12:10PM CST, 1800UTC

  • Nathan agreed to be secretary upon vote.
  • Jonathan agreed to be President upon vote.
  • Cory thinks we need to first define what Treasurer is before we nominate and elect one
    • this includes taxes, reporting of income, etc.
    • Preference is somebody in the US (Cory, Ned, Keith, Nathan, JoeBrady, Scott)
    • Cory will email the various individuals identified to determine interest
  • Membership committee - stay the same (talk to amet and pike to make sure they still want to be on the committee)
  • We need to fill out various forms for Delaware and the IRS to stay current as a 501c3.
    • Nathan gave a very high level overview on what is necessary to remain compliant, including completing a particular IRS form within a 3 year span and regularly keeping up to date on Delaware Tax Reports
    • To make sure we’re doing it right, Nathan is going to try to get a tax lawyer or CPA to provide some pro bono time to show us how to fill out, in particular, the Delaware docs.
    • If not possible, Nathan and Cory will muddle through with hopefully some guidance from the Delaware Corp people
  • We need a dumping ground for Foundation financial and other docs (possibly password protected) so that they are more easily accessed and also so that if some foundation member disappears, we’ll have a way of still getting to those documents
    • Additionally, at some point we may determine some documents are board-only. These might include passwords and other sensitive info that probably shouldn’t be made too public. If we make that determination, we will attempt to create a repository for those documents that is password protected, with a password that changes whenever the board changes.
  • Cory is concerned about Scott and Cory’s connection with Pivos as it relates to Board decisions. We are comfortable just letting them refrain from voting in situations where there may be a conflict of interest.
  • We need to put access to various things directly under the board, e.g. XBMC DNS control panel.
    • Cory is putting together a list of access points and people connected to those points
  • At DevCon, a number of people stepped forward to agree to act as Project Managers for businesses who contact the team and indicate an interest in working with us
    • Nathan is going to put up an internal forum thread so that people can step forward again slightly more formally. Jonathan has notes on who volunteered at devcon. Those names will be included in the forum thread
  • Cory is going to try to fully switch over from XboxMediaCenter to XBMC for email and calendar
    • This should make it easier to reply directly from the [email protected] email address
    • May give @xbmc accounts access to modifying and using Google Docs/Drive
    • Will make various google calendar situations easier (and more professional)
    • Downside is we may lose all email access for a period of 3 days or so and any emails received during that time may be lost to the void
  • Board meetings are scheduled from this point forward on the 1st Sunday of each month at 1800 UTC, with the option of switching, if enough board members vote to do so
  • The decision was made to make Board minutes public for various reasons, mostly because it seemed like the right thing to do, and there really isn’t much to hide in them

At this time, the board meeting was concluded.