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Developer Immersive LLC
OS Windows 8
Website Windows store
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XBMC Boss is a fully featured remote control and so much more, for Windows 8. Download a free trial from the Windows Store

1 Features

  • Main page with most recently added content gets you where you want to be quickly
  • Setup tutorial to get everything configured painlessly
  • Controls to play/pause, stop, play previous/next, mute/unmute, scan library for audio or video, or quickly navigate to your music, TV shows, or movies
  • Simply begin typing in the music, TV shows, or movies listing pages to search
  • Zoom out from the Music, Movies or TV Show pages by pinching screen (or Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Down) to quickly navigate large collections
  • Supports Windows Search across your XBMC library content
  • Artist thumbnails and fanart provided by last.fm and fanart.tv
  • "Now Playing" screen shows currently playing media and buttons to manually control XBMC
  • Supports multiple connections so you can control all your XBMC servers with one device
  • Supports both XBMC v11.0 'Eden' and the currently-in-development XBMC v12.0 'Frodo'

And much more

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