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This open-source Mac OS X media manager gathers, stores, and manages information, artwork, trailers, and themes for movie, TV, and anime collections. It has extensive preference options, allows editing of metadata and selection of artwork, manages movie sets, offers recommendation information, and has a comprehensive episodes manager. Although still in alpha, ViMediamanager is functional and in active development.

1 General

ViMediamanager is developed primarily for XBMC, but can be used with other media players like YAMJ and Boxee.

ViMediamanager works with each movie or series in a separate folder together with its corresponding artwork, metadata, etc. It does not use a "flat" organization with all media files and corresponding files in a common folder. The program can automatically create the necessary folder structure from a flat structure.

2 Features

  1. Manages movie, TV show & anime collections with customized features for each.
  2. Downloads media metadata from,,, Rotten Tomatoes, and
  3. Creates, updates, and allows editing of NFO metadata within the application; the file is saved with the media.
  4. Scans media for file info (codecs, resolution, etc.) and writes it to the NFO file.
  5. Finds and downloads trailers, theme songs, posters, fanart, banners, clearart, character art, disc art, logos, thumbnails, extra thumbs, and extra fanart for movies and series from the aforementioned sources,,,, and
  6. Art picker for downloading thumbs, viewing, and choosing images to use for posters, backdrops, etc.
  7. Many innovative sorting options to organize lists of media.
  8. The main display shows important metadata and artwork.
  9. A feature-rich episodes managers that displays TV show/anime airing status and next episode air date information, metadata, images, cast, etc.
  10. A TV guide.
  11. Set manager for creating and editing movie sets/collections.
  12. Automatically searches for metadata & images for all media in your chosen language (when the respective database provides localised information).
  13. Offers recommendations based on each media item, shows plot and poster for the recommendations, and allows automatic searching for the recommended item on common sites.
  14. "Folderizes" media collections.
  15. Automatically renames files and folders according to highly customizable preferences.
  16. A detailed, well-illustrated user manual.

Attention talk.png For more information check out the ViMediaManager thread on the Kodi forums.