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TuxBox Stream Client is built-into XBMC Media Center and it allows you to stream both Live TV and recorded video from your Dreambox or DBox2 set-top-box to XBMC Media Center.

The Dreambox is a Linux-powered DVB satellite, terrestrial and cable digital television decoder (set-top box), produced by German multimedia vendor Dream Multimedia. Its firmware is officially user-upgradable, since it is a Linux-based computer, as opposed to third-party "patching" of alternate receivers. All units support Dream's own DreamCrypt conditional access (CA) system, with software-emulated CA Modules (CAMs) available for many alternate CA systems. The Dreambox is based on the DBox2 units that were distributed by Kirch Media for its pay-TV services before its bankruptcy; it uses the same Linux-based software originally developed for the DBox2. The built-in Ethernet interface allows networked computers to access the recordings on the internal hard disks on some Dreambox models. It also enables the receiver to store digital copies of DVB transport streams on networked filesystems or broadcast the streams as IPTV to XBMC as a client. Unlike many PC based PVR systems that use free-to-air type of DVB receiver cards, the built-in conditional access allows receiving and storing encrypted content.

The DBox is a DVB satellite, terrestrial and cable digital television decoder (set-top box). They were distributed widely for use with Pay television channels. The DBox-1 was the first[citation needed] DVB-capable receiver to be produced and distributed in large quantity. It was commissioned by the Kirch group's DF1, an early German provider of digital television that later merged with Premiere. The hardware was developed and produced by Nokia though later also produced by Philips and Sagem under license. In 2001, following the bankruptcy of Kirch Media, production of the D-box ceased. However, there continues to be a large number of devices traded second-hand (often using online auction sites) and fairly high prices are paid. This can be attributed to the fact that alternative operating systems can be loaded onto the boxes. For this reason, there are also a significant number of, mostly German language, web sites and forums devoted to the devices.

The combination of third-party developers and network connectivity which facilitates card sharing, makes Dreambox and DBox2 use particularly common among enthusiasts and those who intend to obtain services without payment. Third-party software for this purpose is neither officially endorsed nor supported by Dream Multimedia and voids the official warranty; however, unofficial web sites support a very large community of enthusiasts.

1 TuxBox (Dreambox/DBox2) sharing

1.1 Dreambox/DBox2 Server Side

You just create a share with the TuxBox IP-address and login information. On opening, the client will receive the Bouquet + Channel list, and on select a channel it will begin to stream.

1.2 XBMC Client Side

This type of media source will connect to a TuxBox Stream Server running on a Dreambox or DBox2 set-top-box with a Enigma Based TuxBox image, and it allows you to watch Live TV and already recorded shows directly from XBMC. Dreambox and DBox2 are stand-alone PVR/DVR (Personal Video Recorder/Digital Video Recorder) boxes for the European market. As a rival to the famous TiVo, Dreambox and DBox2 PVR/DVR box records TV (and schedule recoding) to their built-in hard drive and stores it there. Via the network-port built-in to Dreambox/DBox2 boxes they can share the stored video to a local-network. XBMC has a TuxBox Stream Client to browse and stream/play such shares over the network.

Note: Please make sure you have read the TuxBox in XBMC Guide.

Use the following media source in the video section of XBMC:

   <path>tuxbox://USER:[email protected]_IP:PORT/</path>

For more information see the Types of Media Sources and Adding Media Sources articles in this wiki.

2 Notes

The TuxBox Stream Client will only work with Enigma Based TuxBox images, this includes Dreambox and DBox2!

DBox2 users with Neutrino Images: to use the XBMC TuxBox Client you must switch to a Enigma based images! Team-XBMC Recommend the PB-Enigma images from pb-powerboard.com or Enigma Based Images from other groups for the DBox2. Alternatively you can try the Tuxbox plugin, which supports Neutrino images.

3 Development

Please see the this topic thread in the XBMC Community Forum => http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?t=23834

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