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tinyMediaManager is a media management tool for movies, moviesets and TV shows, which is written in Java/Swing. It supports importing and exporting of NFO files, downloading of artwork and renaming of media files (along with the corresponding NFOs and artwork). Due to the fact that it is written in Java, tinyMediaManager will run on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX (and possible more OS).


  • searching for movies in a specified folder (one movie per folder)
  • searching and parsing TV shows and episoded (including season/episode detection from filename)
  • parsing existing NFO files (EMM/XBMC format)
  • scraping metadata and artwork from TMDB
  • scraping metadata from IMDB
  • scraping metadata from OFDb.de
  • scraping metadata from thetvdb.com
  • scraping artwork from fanart.tv
  • scraping trailer from OFDb.de
  • scraping trailer from hd-trailers.net
  • writing NFO files (XBMC and MediaPortal format; MediaPortal is not fully tested)
  • changing movie metadata (also choosing different images)
  • changing TV show / episode metadata (along with images)
  • movieset management
  • batch processing (search all unscraped movies - forcing best match; scrape all selected movies - forcing best match)
  • renamer
  • extracting media information via MediaInfo
  • export the movielist to html/xml/csv
  • multilanguage interface
  • Automatic updates at startup
  • App for Mac OSX; Executeable file for Windows; Shellscript/.desktop file for Linux

Attention talk.png See the tinyMediaManager thread on the Kodi forums for more information.