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Welcome to the Kodi Skinning Tutorial section. This section is designed to help both people who are new to skinning Kodi get to grips with how the system works, as well as dealing with a few things that the old timers may find useful. Click on a task to see how it's done.

Note: For more information on skinning Kodi please see the "Skinning XBMC" and the "XBMC Skinning Manual" articles.

Shows how to reorder the main menu and change one of the home buttons into another one and how to have 2 different buttons that launch the same section with separate default folders (eg have separate My Games and My Programs sections).

Shows how to use the <visible> tag of a dialog to instruct it to automatically popup when another window is onscreen.

Shows how to use the <info> tags in label and image controls to put the current weather on the home page of a skin.

Shows how to add a new window or dialog to the skin and get it to popup when you require it.

Shows how to add a new font to the skin in addition to the default font.

Shows how to add a new viewtype to the skin.

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