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1 Channels

1.1 Show channel information when switching channels

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Set the duration that programming information remains onscreen after changing channels.

1.2 Close channel OSD after switching channels

Settings level: Advanced
Description: When enabled, the OSD display closes immediately after switching channels.[1]

2 Icons

2.1 Folder with channel icons

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Folder containing TV and Radio channel logos to be displayed in Kodi.

Logo files should be either *.png or *.jpg. For the logos to automatically match with their respective channels, one of the following conditions must be met:

  1. The logos must have the exact same name as the channel or
  2. Named with the id in iUniqueId of the TVxx.db (eg. 1558003334.png).
    • If the channel label has formatting codes such as colours, bold or italics, they must be in the filename
    • Any '/' character must be replaced by '_' in the filename (eg. [COLOR red]My Channel[/COLOR] will be named [COLOR red]My Channel[_COLOR].png).

See- Live TV Artwork

2.2 Scan for missing icons

Settings level: Standard
Description: Look for missing logos and link icons to channels so they appear in the "Live TV" channel section.

If logos refuse to scan, manually set the logo using the Channel Manager.

3 References

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