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This category contains the settings for PVR menus and on-screen display (OSD), as well as channel information windows.

1 Channels

SettingsPVRMenu OSD-leia.jpg

1.1 Show channel information when switching channels

Settings level: Basic
Description: Display programming information when changing channels, such as the current TV show.

2 Icons

PVR Menu 2.jpg

2.1 Folder with channel icons

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Location where the tv and radio logos ( ) are stored. Logo files should have either png,jpg or tbn extensions. For the logos to match with the respective channels they need to have the exact same name (eg. My Channel.png) or the exact same id of the parameter iUniqueId stored on the tv database TVxx.db (eg. 1558003334.png). If your channel label has any kind of formatting such as colours,bold or italics any '/' character must be replaced by '_' in the filename (eg. [COLOR red]My Channel[/COLOR] must have a [COLOR red]My Channel[_COLOR].png logo).

2.2 Scan for missing icons

Settings level: Standard
Description: Look for missing icons and link icons to channels so they appear in the "Live TV" channel section