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1 General

1.1 Past days to display

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Number of previous days to show in the guide.

1.2 Future days to display

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Number of days ahead to show in the guide.

1.3 Default select action

Settings level: Standard
Description: Select what to do when an item is selected in the guide. Available options are:
  • Show context menu: Display the context menu for more options
  • Switch to channel: Change to that programm's channel
  • Show information: Display the information page for the program
  • Record: Commence recording or create a recording timer for the program
  • Smart Select : Allows you to either switch to the channel, or record the program. [1]

1.4 Hide 'No information available' labels

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Hides "no information available" labels when no EPG data could be retrieved for a channel.

2 Updates

2.1 Update interval

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Time between guide data imports from backends.

2.2 Prevent updates during playback

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Do not import Guide data while playing TV, to minimise CPU usage.

2.3 Clear data

Settings level: Standard
Description: Delete the cached guide data and reimport it from the backend. Useful when guide data falls out of sync with the backend server.

3 References

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