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1 Channels

1.1 Preselect playing channel in lists

Settings level: Standard
Description: When enabled and there is a playing channel, the playing channel will be selected when opening a window or dialog containing a channel list.

If disabled, the channel previously selected in a window or dialog will be selected when opening a window containing a channel list.

1.2 Synchronise channel groups with backend(s)

Settings level: Standard
Description: Imports channel groups from the backend (if supported). Will delete user created groups if they're not found in the backend server.

1.3 Use channel order from backend(s)

Settings level: Advanced
Description: When enabled, channels are sorted by the channel numbers used by the backend server.

When disabled, channels are sorted using Kodi's own channel numbering.

1.4 Allow backend channel numbers with more than one PVR add-on

Settings level: Expert
Description: Allow using channel numbering from more than one backend. Note that the all channels group can contain multiple of the same channel number if this option is enabled. This means that jump to channel number may not work correctly for the All channels group. This setting is only visible if multiple backends are enabled.

1.5 Use channel numbers from the backend

Settings level: Advanced
Description: When enabled, will use the channel numbering from the backend,

When disabled, Kodi will assign numbering or use the channel manager to manually configure.
To avoid conflict between PVR servers, this setting is available only when a single PVR backend is used.

1.5.1 Start group channel numbers from 1

Settings level: Advanced
Description: When the previous setting is disabled, Kodi can enumerate channel number sequentially. With this setting, specify where numbering should start.

1.6 Channel manager

Settings level: Standard
Description: Opens the channel manager, which allows modifying the channel order, channel name, icon, etc.

See: Channel Manager

1.7 Group manager

Settings level: Standard
Description: Opens the group manager, which allows modification of groups and their respective channels.

See: Group Manager

1.8 Search for channels

Settings level: Standard
Description: Instruct the backend to search for channels (if supported by the add-on and backend)

1.9 Clear data

Settings level: Standard
Description: Purge Kodi's PVR database of guide and channel data and reimport the data from the backend.

Useful for when data between the backend server and Kodi falls out of sync.

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