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This category contains the general settings for the PVR & Live TV.

1 Channels


1.1 Preselect playing channel in lists

Settings level: Standard
Description: Preselect the playing channel in windows and dialogs containing channel lists. If enabled and there is a playing channel, the playing channel will be selected when opening a window or dialog containing a channel list. If disabled, the channel previously selected in a window or dialog will be selected when opening a window containing a channel list.

1.2 Synchronise channel groups with backends

Settings level: Standard
Description: Imports channel groups from the backend (if supported). Will delete user created groups if they're not found on the backend.

1.3 Use channel order from the backend(s)

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Sorts the channels by channel number on the server, but uses Kodi's own numbering for channels.

1.4 Use channels number from backend

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Use the channel numbering from the backend, instead of configuring them manually in the channel manager. Only works with one enabled OVR add-on!

1.5 Channel manager

Settings level: Standard
Description: Opens the channel manager, which allows modifying the channel order, channel name, icon, etc.

1.6 Group manager

Settings level: Standard
Description: Opens the group manager, which allows modification of groups and their respective channels.

1.7 Search for channels

Settings level: Standard
Description: Instruct the backend to search for channels (if supported by the add-on and backend)

1.8 Clear data

Settings level: Standard
Description: Delete the databases for channels and guide and reimport the data from the backend afterwards.