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Take control of Kodi from your terminal
Developer Arn-O
OS Linux/OS X
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PyKodi is a command line remote controller for the audio player of Kodi.

1 Summary

PyKodi is Python module to control the Kodi audio library. It can be used to create Python client for Kodi. The project is shipped with a cmd client, which is a wrapper for the module. This client allows you to control Kodi from a terminal.

2 Features

The module supports many controls on the audio library:

  • Local library for super fast audio library navigation
  • Navigate through the audio library using string search, page and random selection
  • Albums, genres and songs are managed
  • Pause, unpause, stop and get details on what is currently played
  • Add album or a song to the audio playlist

Moreover, the module is able to generate smart playlists thanks to the echonest integration. Playing the music that you like is a no brainer.

3 Screenshots

4 Further reading

All installation instructions and usage are described on GitHub:

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