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Editor note: This behavior has changed since v12 and the page hasn't been totally updated to reflect those changes. Please feel free to contribute update this page if you are reading this.

The Party Mode music and music video playlists are the only predefined smart playlists in a new installation. The default behavior is to select items from the entire associated library and to play the selections in random order. The playlists can be further configured via the PartyMode.xsp and PartyMode-Video.xsp files in the userdata folder. The Party Mode playlists are smart playlists and can be configured as seen below:

For more information on configuring smart playlists, see Smart playlists.

<smartplaylist type="music">
    <name>Party Mode</name>
    <rule field="genre" operator="contains">Rock</rule>
    <rule field="artist" operator="is">U2</rule>
    <rule field="year" operator="lessthan">1985</rule>