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Kodi Remote Dashboard Widget
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Kodi Remote Dashboard Widget is a Mac OS X Dashboard widget for controlling Kodi. It was originally based on the Boxee widget made by Lot49 (lot49.org), then later updated and modified by Topfjoer and grantrutherford.

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2 Source code


3 Forum help

For more info see Kodi Remote Dashboard Widget on the Kodi forums

4 Features

  • Remote control through both the widget buttons AND your keyboard!
  • Auto-detection of Kodi's virtual keyboard. The widget then automatically shows a text field.
  • Start Kodi via SSH (for Linux targets)
  • Play a YouTube video link: Drag and drop link or paste link (needs YouTube add-on)
  • Exit Kodi: Fn+Backspace

5 Set up

In the settings pane:

  1. Fill in the correct ip-address of the computer you're running Kodi on.
  2. If necessary, change the port number. This widget now uses the WebSocket, NOT the HTTP port! Usually, this value should be kept at default (9090).
  3. In Kodi: Finally, do not forget to enable "Allow programs on other systems to control Kodi" in "System settings> Services > Remote control"