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This is a Kodi Wiki copy of the condensed changelog for Kodi v17.0 version (codename: "Krypton") release with a summery of the most important core features and notable functions as well as other notable changes to key areas of the application software or its user interface.

1 Changelog

1.1 Live TV and PVR (Personal Video Recorder)

  • Added enhancement/improvements to PVR addon API (connection state change handling, asynchronous updates & more)[1] [2][3]
  • Added support for navigation controls between EDL (commercial skipping) during PVR recodings playback[4]
  • Added support for sorting channels by 'last played' in the Channels window[5]
  • Added support to changing of timer type for existing timers to ex. change a episode timer to a series timer[6]
  • Added support to echo up important Status info to Timer Rules in the Timer rules window[7]
  • Added option to hide disabled timers in the Timer window[8]
  • Added support for 'Edit timer' & 'Delete timer' rules to context menu in the EPG & Search windows[9][10]
  • Added support to allow timer creation for EPG in recent past in the EPG window[11]
  • Added support to use timer logos depending on its state in the EPG window[12][13][14]
  • Added "ShowTimerRule" builtin to allow key mapping for "add timer" dialog pre-filled for epg-based timer rule[15]
  • Added 'recent recordings' widget (core support and Estuary PVR home screen)[16]
  • Added vertical scrollbar to Guide window to allow channel navigation using the mouse (core support and Estuary change)[17]
  • Added support for JSON-RPC API sync PVR types fields with current implementation[18]
  • Improveed playback of live streams as PVR Live TV streams can now be identified as "live"
  • Improved Kodi's Eventlog with extentions to PVR events for 'create/delete timers, timer rules', 'start/stop recordings'[19]
  • Improved PVR Guide window performance, especially on first open[20][21]
  • Changes to have separate windows for 'Timer Rules' from 'Timers'[22]
  • Changes to separate TV and Radio recordings in the Recordings window[23]
  • Changes to make 'group items' setting be persistent in the Recordings window[24]
  • Changes to recordings window which now respects "default select action" settings value[25]
  • Changes to instant recording behavior to make it configurable (fixed-time vs. current show vs. interactive)[26]
  • Refactoring of the PVR Manager (PVRManager) so addons are now owned by Kodi's addon system[27]
  • Added, updated, and improved PVR backend clients addons for all popular third-party external PVR backend platforms:

1.2 Add-ons Framework, API, and Manager

For full changelogs of all Addons APIs, see Krypton API changes, JSON-RPC, and Add-ons Development Forums

1.3 GUI Engine (Skinning Engine)

For full changelog on changes to the skinning engine, see Krypton API changes and the Skin Development Forum

  • Added a new default skin called Estuary, with themes & colors, (moving Confluence to addon repo)[39][40]
  • Added a new default touch-screen enabled skin called Estouchy (moving Re-Touched to addon repo)[39][41]
  • Added a new Color Manager to handle loading of madVR 3D LUT ICC profiles for color correction[42]
  • Added a new FFmpeg based image loader to guilib for loading pictures[43]
  • Added a new FFmpeg based image thumbnails implementation[44]
  • Added experimental limited support to guilib for animated APNG images in skin textures and backgrounds/posters[45]
  • Added experimental limited support to guilib for animated GIF images in skin textures and backgrounds/posters[46]
  • Added support for commercial skipping notifications and toggle action[47]
  • Added support for defaultcontrol to grouplists to allow skins to define defaults[48]
  • Added support for 'InstallAddon' builtin to allow skins to install addons on demand[49]
  • Added Skin.SelectBool builtin support for skinning[50]
  • Added support for multi-touch to display adjustment for touch panel calibration[51]
  • Improved skinning PVR section by unifying and/or seperating different PVR related windows
  • Update guilib ABI (for libgui) to version 5.11.0[52]
  • Updated keyboard layout for some languages and added new keyboard layout for French AZERTY & Italian QWERTY
  • Changed context menus by refactoring to a global item based system to unify them[53]
  • Changed GetThumbSize() to m_imageResso so bookmark/chapter images are same resolution as posters
  • Changed background loading of thumbnails so that it is enabled by default
  • Changed default icons with updated versions

1.4 Platform Independent Playback

1.5 Library

  • Added support for scraping, storing, and displaying multiple ratings from different sources[74]
  • Added support for user rating to the OSD (On Screen Display) for music playback[75]
  • Added support for rating and votes label for specific rating[76]
  • Added support to filtering by userrating in the mediafilter dialog[77]
  • Added support to include watched status for movies in actor search dialog[78]
  • Added artist roles tag to the music library to handle tags for ex. Composer, Conductor, DJMixer, etc.[79]
  • Added support for MOOD tag scanning for FLAC, Ogg, Xiph, Vorbis, ASF and MP4 audio files to music library[80]
  • Added option to exclude singles in recently played albums (set to enabled by default)
  • Added support for showning "in progress tv shows" in the filesystem-tree[81]
  • Added support Audio and Subtitle Track Count to Smart Playlist selections filtering[82]
  • Added support to sort actors by number of movies they are in[83]
  • Added support to sort discography ascending by years
  • Added support for a method to retrieve video tags[84]
  • Added ability to JSON-RPC API to return user ratings
  • Improved performance for tag scanning and browsing speed in the Music library
  • Improved database performance for addons accessing library

1.6 Web Scrapers

  • Refactoring and updated scrapers in Kodi for music, movies, tv shows, and music videos
  • Added possibility to get information from both .nfo and scraper

1.7 AudioEngine

  • Added initial support for Audio DSP (Digital Signal Processing) plugins and addons for Kodi's AudioEngine[1]
  • Improved the default cross-platform event driven active state machine pattern ActiveAE (Kodi's AudioEngine)
  • Improved ALSA sink for ActiveAE for Linux Desktop and generic Linux based Embedded Systems
  • Improved PulseAudio sink for ActiveAE for Linux Desktop
  • Improved OSS (Open Sound System) sink for ActiveAE for BSD, like FreeBSD and similar BSD Unix based systems
  • Improved AudioTrack sink for ActiveAE for Android
  • Improved Pi Audio sink for ActiveAE for Raspberry Pi
  • Improved DirectSound sink for ActiveAE for Windows
  • Improved WASAPI sink for ActiveAE for Windows
  • Improved CoreAudio sink for ActiveAE for (Mac) OS X and iOS
  • Improved Darwin sink for ActiveAE for (Mac) OS X and iOS

1.8 Other

  • Added a new default web interface (this new ew webinterface is called "Chorus2" and is currently at version 2.4.1)[85][86][87]
  • Added support for AppVeyor CI (CI for Windows) build server for regression testing of Kodi and binary addons[88]
  • Added support building binary addons to Travis build server for regression testing of Kodi[89]
  • Added support for auto creating code documentation with Doxygen including To-Do list (http://codedocs.xyz/xbmc/xbmc/ )
  • Added documentation for skinning API to Doxygen, and moved PyDocs of Kodi API to Doxygen
  • Added support for IPv6 via cURL
  • Added default for the WeTek Play USB remote to peripherals as input device[90]
  • Added support for game controller haptics (rumble motors) when the user receives a notification[91]
  • Added and updated many audio visualization and screensaver addons for Kodi[92]
  • Improved code stability, performance. and security, as well as general code clean-up in many core areas
  • Improved render capture which is used by Ambilight implementations (such as example Boblight)
  • Improved the the integrated UPnP / DNLA Media Server and Client[93][94]
  • Improved AirPlay compatibility support for iOS 8 (via updated libshairplay)[95]
  • Improved Kodi's JSON-RPC API
  • Improved the the integrated web server (used for remote control web interface and more)
  • Improved HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) support by updating to LibCEC 4.01 from Pulse-Eight[96]
  • Improved "long-press" support functionality of a single button on a remote control
  • Updated community maintained translations to over 60+ languages to date for Kodi via Transifex Translation System
  • Updated critical dependency libraries such as sqlite, openssl, gnutls, and CMake (used to compile binary addons)
  • Updated artwork containing logos with symbol to reflect that Kodi is a registered trademark
  • Removed support for RAW image decoding (with removal of CxImage as FFmpeg do not support RAW[97][98])
  • Removed CxImage, Libgif, and JpegIO (C/C++ libraries) as dependencies in favor of FFmpeg image decoding[99][100][101]
  • Removed all Boost (C++ libraries) and libsquish as dependencies[102][103]

1.9 Android Specific

  • Moved to Android API 21 and SDK 21 with NDK 10 as minimum, meaning at least Android 5.0 is now required[104][105][106]
  • Moved jni into its own separate project / submodule (jni backports from SPMC)[107]
  • Added support for audio pass-through for DTS-HD, DTS-X, Dolby TrueHD, and Dolby ATMOS
  • Added support in CMake to debug binary-addon packaging issues on Android[108]
  • Improved MediaCodec API video decoding implementations support for Android 5.0 (API level 21) and later
  • Improved automatic refresh rate switching support for video playback on Android 5.0 & later (>= API 21), inc. Android TV
  • Improved support for UltraHD decoding / 4K resolution output when HW supports it
  • Improved playback of HEVC, VC-1 / WMV 9, and VP9 hardware video decoding when using Android's MediaCodec API
  • Removed AMLCodec hardware accelerated video decoding support for Android on Amlogic devices[109]

1.10 BSD Specific

  • Added new CMake based build system of Kodi and binary addons for BSD (as well as for Linux, OSX, and Windows)[110][111]
  • Improved Kodi support for BSD (operating system) on FreeBSD, PC-BSD, and other similar BSD platforms
  • Improved VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) support (requires VAAPI compatible hardware and drivers)
  • Improved VDPAU (NVIDIA) Hardware Video Acceleration (requires VDPAU compatible hardware and drivers)

1.11 Linux Specific

  • Added new CMake based build system of Kodi and binary addons for Linux (as well as for BSD, OSX, and Windows)[112]
  • Added multi-architecture/distribution support to Kodi's CMake build system for Linux[113]
  • Added support for HEVC Main 10 profile (10-bit) hardware video decoding via VAAPI if hardware support it
  • Added support for VP9 hardware video acceleration via VAAPI if supported by display drivers[114]
  • Added support for EGL for X11 (which adds zero copy rendering for VAAPI)[55][56]
  • Added support for zero copy interface to FFmpeg for MMAL renderer on Raspberry Pi[115]
  • Added support for Clang compiler building of Kodi
  • Added support for generating Debian packages with Kodi's shiny new CMake/CPack system[116]
  • Added warning that GNU Build System (Autotools) will be removed soon as deprecated[117]
  • Improved multi-touch support, and improved touch and gesture support on Linux
  • Improved support for UltraHD decoding / 4K resolution output when hardware supports it
  • Improved OpenGL ES and EGL support (using Raspberry Pi as reference devices)
  • Improved VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) support (requires VAAPI compatible hardware and drivers)
  • Improved VDPAU (NVIDIA) Hardware Video Acceleration (requires VDPAU compatible hardware and drivers)
  • Improved XvBA (AMD/ATI) Hardware Video Acceleration (requires XvBA compatible hardware and drivers)
  • Improved OpenMAX Video Acceleration API support for Linux (using Raspberry Pi as reference hardware)
  • Improved dedicated AMLCodec hardware accelerated video decoding support for Linux on Amlogic devices
  • Improved AMD/Intel x86-64 64-bit (AMD64 / IA-64t CPU architectures) support under Linux
  • Removed Wayland display server protocol support (as depended heavily on removed Boost C++ libraries)[118]

1.12 iOS Specific

  • Added support for iOS 10.0 by adding support for compiling Kodi with Xcode 8 IDE and iOS SDK 10.0[119]
  • Added support for TVOS (Apple's iOS fork for Apple TV 4) to Kodi mainline
  • Added support to build iOS for ARM64 (64-bit iOS)
  • Improved Apple VDADecoder Video Acceleration support for iOS (on iPad, iPhone, and iPod iDevices)
  • Improved touch and gesture support for iOS based iDevice platforms (iPad, iPod, and iPhone)

1.13 OS X Specific

  • Added new CMake based build system of Kodi and binary addons for OSX (as well as for Linux, BSD, and Windows)[120]
  • Added “Copy to Kodi” functionality on iOS (for “Open In” Kodi feature in iOS)
  • Added support for compiling Kodi with Xcode 8 IDE for OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) and macOS 10.12 (Sierra)[121]
  • Improved Apple VDADecoder Video Acceleration support for (Mac) OS X

1.14 Windows Specific

  • Converted Kodi to an Desktop Bridge UWP (Universal Windows Platform) compatible app for Windows 10 (x86 only)[122]
  • Added initial support to compile Kodi for Microsoft's UWP (Universal Windows Platform) APIs[122]
  • Added new CMake based build system of Kodi and binary addons for Windows (as well as for Linux, BSD, and OSX)[123]
  • Added support for HEVC Main 10 profile (10-bit) hardware video decoding via DXVA on Windows if drivers support it
  • Added support for 10 to 16 bit video output through the DXVA renderer
  • Added support for per-monitor DPI and scaling[124]
  • Improved rendering system for DirectX 11 and Direct3D 11 native support on Microsoft Windows
  • Improved DXVA/DXVA2 (DirectX Video Acceleration) support (requires DXVA/DXVA2 compatible hardware & drivers)
  • Changed all external libraries to be built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
  • Removed unneeded DXVA to D3D11VA wrapper as we now build FFmpeg with D3D11VA support and use it directly[125]

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