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1 Addons

1.1 PVR

  • Update the PVR Addon API version to 4.0.0 for Kodi v16 (Jarvis)[1][2][3]

1.1.1 PVR API

  •  ?

1.2 Python

  • Changed: ListItem no longer sets media type based on "tvshowtitle", "episode" and "season" provided via ListItem::setInfo. May affect appearance of info dialog. Use the new "mediatype" info label instead. [4]
  • Removed depricated xbmcgui.lock() and xbmcgui.unlock()
  • Deprecated ListItem.setIconImage, use setArt
  • Deprecated ListItem.setThumbnailImage, use setArt
  • Deprecated "iconImage" and "thumbnailImage" parameters for ListItem, use setArt
  • Added xbmcgui.Dialog.textviewer [5]
  • Added xbmcgui.ControlFadeLabel.setScrolling [6]
  • Added xbmcgui.Dialog.multiselect
  • Added ListItem.setContentLookup
  • Added "mediatype" info label for videos
  • Added "userrating" info label for videos
  • Added "icon" support to ListItem.setArt

2 Skins

See http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=231270

2.1 References

2.2 See also