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1 Compare

Hi Ned.

It would be great to have a table with current state of upnp and features, and maybe also in comparison to other library sharing methods like nfs/smb shares. Like subtitles support, audio/video formats, transcoding, access control and etc. Sorry to offer the idea and not realizing it myself. Dhead 15:50, 18 December 2012 (EST)

No worries. It is something I was thinking of doing. Cheers. -- Ned Scott 23:22, 18 December 2012 (EST)

2 Limitations

Dumping this from a forum thread I made that lists some of the current limitations to library sharing with UPnP. I'll eventually work this into the actual page:

  • You can do basic playlists, but smart playlists have to be done on the "host".
  • The info window won't show up on UPnP entries, but you can see the metadata if you are using a skin view that shows it. So if a skin view only shows summary, title, etc, but not actors, then you don't really have access to a list of actors. You can still view by actor via the actor video node, but it's not quite as slick.
  • Watched/resume marks don't always show up right away on the client.
  • Banners don't seem to be sent over UPnP, but posters do, so you have to use poster views in your skin.
  • "extra art" that many skins use won't be transferred over via UPnP
  • Individual audio/video settings for each video are not sent over UPnP, so if you've selected a different default audio track on the "host", or a different brightness setting, it won't show up on the "client". It will instead use default values.

-- Ned Scott (talk) 01:17, 23 January 2014 (EST)