HOW-TO:Install Tvheadend on Arch Linux

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1 Steps

(If you're running as root you don't need the prefix "sudo" but need to add the "--asroot" when building the package with makepkg)

  1. Install some build tools :
     # sudo pacman -Sy base-devel git 
  2. Install dependencies :
     # sudo pacman -S avahi nss-mdns openssl python2
  3. Get the package tarball from Aur:
    1. For the latest stable TVHeadend:
        # wget 
    2. For a current git TVHeadend version :
        # wget
  4. Extract the tarball :
      # tar -xvf tvheadend*.tar.gz 
  5. Build the package:
     # cd tvheadend 
      # cd tvheadend-git 
 # makepkg 
Or for Arm arch
 # makepkg -A
  1. Install the package:
     # sudo pacman -U tvheadend*xz
  2. Reboot the system, (needed only with tvheadend-git) or set temporarily set the following argument:
     # TVHEADEND_ARGS="-f -u hts -g video -C"
    (it's included in /etc/conf.d/tvheadend so it will be set on reboot).
  3. Start the service:
    # sudo systemctl start tvheadend
  4. Connect to tvheadend via web browser @ "tvheadednip":9981 and configure your setup.
  5. If you're happy with your tvheadend setup enable the service to start at boot :
     # sudo systemctl enable tvheadend

All of tvheadend settings are configureable via web browser, if I remember correctly the config files are store at /home/hts/.hts/tvheadend/. The default is that a non-name user with no password is created with admin credential everytime the service is initiated, to change this you must stop the service, disable it, (systemctl stop ..., systemctl disable ...) and edit the service file in /etc/lib/systemd/system/tvheadend.service and change it, for more info on this you shold consult tvheadend wiki and man page.

1.1 DVB Drivers.

The current kernel for x86-64 is 3.8, so "# pacman -Syu" will promise you've got the latest drivers. For Arm arch it a little bit more complicated, all the devices have atleast 3.1 kernel, one should consult the Arch Linux Arm forums about updating Marvell based devices (SheevaPlug, PogoPlug...) to a recent kernel. For PogoPlug 4 & Mobile, if you've installed the uBoot as instructed in Arch Linux Arm guide all you've got to do to get the latest kernel is: "# pacman -Sy linux-kirkwood" For Raspberry Pi, you've already set with the recent kernel.

2 Notes

  • Thanks to dhead for the original guide.