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Notice This page describes a previous GSoC project. For the most recent GSoC pages please check Category:Google Summer of Code.

Home Automation Control (control lighting, climate/heating, security, camera surveillance, and more)

    • Proposed by student: Jing GAO
    • Proposed primary mentor:
    • Proposed backup mentor:

1 GSoC proposal for 2008

This is a discussion about a proposal for XBMC's Google Summer of Code 2008

1.1 Current Draft

1.1.1 Name

Jing GAO (IRC & username: ?)

1.1.2 E-Mail

[email protected]

1.1.3 Project Title

Home Automation Control, control lighting, climate/heating, security, camera surveillance, and more.

1.1.4 Project Benefits

Linux programming for motor step-by-step, member of association Robot for eurorobot challenge.

1.1.5 Personal Statement

Msc student in a French engineering school, I am major in computer science and minor in applied mathematics and the scientific algorithmic. I have programmed for various subjects with C++, STL and Boost from the application of simulation network with QT and OpenGL to the application of the linear programming with GNU GLPK and some heuristics method. With many experiments of the programming and technical skill on Linux and Windows, I believe my background will help me to your project.