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Idea/scratchpad for possible code names for XBMC v14. Editing of the page is restricted to Team XBMC members.

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Name picture origin notes
Hal (HAL 9000) 2001: A Space Odyssey character I can't let you do that, Dave.
Halo That thing angels wear
Halo video game
Hammer Tool Can't touch this.
Hammerhorn Game of Thrones castle
Harrenhal Game of Thrones castle
Hasselhoff Hasselhoff.jpg Famous actor
Hastromil The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy star system
Havana Cuba's capital city
Hector Greek mythology Trojan prince and greatest warrior of Troy. Didn't like pants.
Heisenberg (real life) Mathematical physicist
Breaking Bad character alias
Helion-Prime Riddick
Helios Greek mythology
Sun god
Helix Shape
Hell / Hades Bible Hot
Hellholt Game of Thrones town
He-Man He-Man By the power of Grayskull!
Hercules Greek mythology
Hermione Harry Potter character We're not going to call it Hermione, but Emma Watson is hot... so... yeah... It's not creepy if you only watch the last two movies. Okay, maybe a little creepy.
Hero <----> A word... wait a second... Batman, you get out of here, you had your turn!
Hesperia / Hesperus / Hesper Greek mythology Greek god of everything. Also doesn't like pants.
Hexagon Shape
Highgarden Game of Thrones castle
Highland Beavis and Butthead town
Highlander Highlander movie, TV show There can be only one!
Hill-Valley Back to the Future town A nice place to visit.
Hiven Green Lantern, alternative spelling for one of the planets
Hobbiton The Hobbit
Hodor Game of Thrones character
Hogsmeade Harry Potter town We better not call it Hogsmeade...
Hogwarts Harry Potter school You're a wizard, Harry!
Homer Greek mythology
The Simpsons character
Honeyholt Game of Thrones
Hornvale Game of Thrones
Horus Egyptian god of vengeance, sky, and protection
Hoth Star Wars ice planet
Hove a town in East Sussex
Hudson River in New York
Human Earth? Nice codename for a UI improvement version
Hybrid terminology a cross between two things
Hydra Greek mythology (multi-headed snake)
star constellation
Captain America villain organization
Hyperion Greek mythology
Hyrule Zelda kingdom suitable for RetroPlayer
Hägar Hägar the Horrible comic strip

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