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This page has some inaccuracies and requires rewriting.

As with anything where you spend a lot of time setting it up, it's always a good idea to do periodic backups of your Kodi/XBMC settings and library. This is especially true if you are thinking of running a development build such as a nightly, monthly, or beta. There are various ways to backup Kodi's settings, the easiest simply being to make a copy of your userdata folder, but this page will attempt to consolidate the different methods and explain them.

1 What settings Kodi uses and where are they stored

Nearly all of Kodi's settings are stored in the userdata folder. Some files, such as add-ons that are not included by default, are stored in the parent folder to userdata, the Kodi folder.

2 Backup add-on

The community Backup add-on is a great way to backup all of your Kodi settings, add-ons, and other related files. It includes options such as automatic scheduled backups, backing up to cloud storage such as Dropbox, and configuring custom backup directories.

3 Manual backup

Editor note: This section needs to be expanded on, but in a nutshell: make a copy of your userdata folder and the parent "Kodi" folder.

4 Backing up the video library

This guide will show you how to backup the video library using NFO files and local images. These NFO files are little text files that save all the "metadata" (summaries, credits, playcount, and other library data) for each individual video that are then placed along side the actual video files. These act as a backup for each entry, and can also be used as a way of changing library information or for scanning files that are not recognized by a scraper website. This also saves any changes you've made in Kodi, such as changing the title, sort title, selecting specific images/artwork, movie sets, video library tags, watched history, and resume points.

Backing up the video library is a good idea for several reasons: rebuilding your library in case of damage to your main HTPC, mistakenly removed library entries, duplicate the same library on other Kodi installs, or let you to easily move your video files without losing special changes or your watched history. It also allows for off-line library scanning or if a scraper website goes away.

5 Watch status only

These add-ons can be used to backup or even sync your watched status for videos in your library:

6 Other backup methods

Editor note: If anyone would like to fill these in with the basics, or at least link to some tutorial, that would be appreciated.

6.1 OpenELEC

6.2 ADBFire