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4Players Videos

Author: Tristan Fischer ([email protected])
Website: link
Type: Video

License: GPL v2.0
Source: Source code
Summary: Game related videos from
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4Players is a german video-game magazine.
With this add-on you can browse latest- or popular-videos, game reviews or browse videos by games you are interested in.
You can also filter the videos by platforms in the add-on settings.

1 General Info

Most of the videos are either german or english.

2 Features

  • Browse all videos
  • Browse videos by popularity
    • Most viewed
    • Best Rated
  • Browse videos by its main category
    • PC
    • PlayStation 2
    • PlayStation 3
    • Wii
    • Xbox360
    • Nintendo DS
    • PlayStation Portable
    • Video Fazit
  • Pagination for next page and previous page

3 Code

If you are interested in the Code or want to contribute (translations are always welcome) please have a look to its github page:

4 Changelog

 Fixed scraper (Website changes)

 Fixed scraper (Website changes)
 Now using 160x90px thumbnails
 added sort methods (playlist, date and runtime)
 added is_update function (pagination is better now)

 Fixed Video Playback

 First Version for Eden-pre addon-repository

5 Getting help

If you have found a bug or have ideas how to improve it just reply to its thread: