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Kodi uses add-ons to provide weather information. You can select from various global and regional weather add-ons and customize various location options.

1 Installation

The installation of a Weather add-on is required if you would like to use the Weather feature of Kodi. The settings page for Weather can be accessed using either of two methods and both methods will access the same settings page as shown in the following images.

  • If there is no Weather add-on installed, select Weather from the Main menu, or
  • Use the Settings menu to access the Weather Settings page

To install the Weather add-on, follow these steps:

4. Once you have selected the Weather add-on, enter the Settings option shown in Step 1 (greyed out until add-on is installed) and enter the required location and service details
5. Once complete, you will be able to access the weather information from the Kodi Main Menu. The current weather is also displayed on various pages throughout Kodi.

2 Celsius and Fahrenheit

To change between celsius and fahrenheit go to Settings->Interface Settings->Regional then select your location under Region default format or change the Temperature unit to your preference.

3 Available Add-ons

Links to the wiki pages of currently available Weather Add-ons...

Met Office
Open Weather Map Extended
Oz Weather
Weather China
Weatherbit IO
Yahoo! Weather

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