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{{redv|'''NOTICE:'''|Manually editing files in the '''userdata''' folder is an '''advanced topic for {{kodi}}'''. New users '''don't need to manually edit files''' in the '''userdata''' folder. {{kodi}} does this for you, when you change the options in the {{kodi}} GUI'' with the exception of [[advancedsettings.xml]]}}
{{bluev|'''NOTE'''|''There are two userdata folders, the System data one contains default settings necessary for {{kodi}} to operate, and the userdata folder for user modifications. Do not touch the files in the first system-userdata folder. This page (and most references on the wiki) are about editing the second, user-accessible, '''userdata''' folder.''}}
<section begin="intro" />The '''userdata''' folder is where all of your settings and customizations are stored.<section end="intro" />
<br />
== Location of the userdata folder ==
<section begin="location all" />
<includeonly>:::</includeonly>{{Note|In older versions of the software (before v14) the <code>'''kodi'''</code> directories were named <code>'''xbmc'''</code>.}}
<includeonly>:::</includeonly>{{{!}} class="datatable" <!-- Weird trick used to make the table indent when transcluded -->
{| class="prettytable"
! Operating system
! File path
| '''Android''' || {{userdata|Android}}
| '''iOS/tvOS''' || {{userdata|iOS}}
| '''LibreELEC''' || {{userdata|OpenELEC}}
| '''Linux''' || {{userdata|Linux}}
| '''OSMC''' || {{userdata|OSMC}}
| '''Mac''' || {{userdata|Mac}}
| '''Windows''' || {{userdata|Windows}}
| '''Windows UWP ''' || {{userdata|Windows UWP}}
<section end="location all" />
=== Android location ===
Sometimes the exact path will differ from device to device. The Android userdata folder is usually inside of "sdcard" so the path might be /sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/
=== Microsoft Store version ===
Kodi installed from the Microsoft Store puts user data in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\XBMCFoundation.Kodi_4n2hpmxwrvr6p\LocalCache\Roaming\Kodi\userdata
== Backing up your settings ==
== UserData folder contents ==
Below are the elements contained in the UserData folder and their role:
* '''addon_data''' - Contains configuration data for your currently installed addons, the addons themselves are not in userdata but one folder up in 'addons'
* '''[[Databases]]''' - This is where all of the databases required for your [[Music_library|Music]] and [[Video_library|Video Libraries]] are located, containing any downloaded (scraped) music or video information.
** '''MyMusic#.db''' - Database file containing Music information.
** '''MyVideos#.db''' - Database file containing Movie, TV Show and Music Videos information.
** '''ViewModes#.db''' - Database file containing information on all Kodi views (viewmode, sorting etc.).
** '''Addons#.db''' - Database file containing information on all Kodi addons (skins, scraper, video-addons...).
** '''Textures#.db''' - Database file containing information on all Kodi textures (thumbs, fanart, posters...).
** '''TV#.db''' - Database file containing information on Live-TV channels.
** '''EPG#.db''' - Database file containing information on EPG for Live-TV.
** '''ADSP#.db''' - Database file containing information for Audio Digital Signal Processing add-ons.
:{{note|Where <big>'''#'''</big> is the number of current '''[[Databases#Database_Versions]]''' in use.}}
* '''[[Keymap|keymaps]]''' - This folder is where your customized keymapping files reside (e.g. MyRemote.xml or keyboard.xml)
* '''library''' - Directory to store [[Video_nodes|custom library nodes]].
* '''[[Playlists]]''' - This is where your playlists are stored. There are separate subfolders for mixed, music and video playlists.
** '''mixed''' - playlists containing both audio and music videos, will show in both the Music and Video Libraries.
** '''music''' - playlists containing audio only, will show in the Music Library.
** '''video''' - playlists containing videos only, will show in the Video Library.
* '''[[Artwork|Thumbnails]]''' - Cached  Thumbnails (icons) are stored in this folder.
* '''[[advancedsettings.xml]]''' - A user can create this file in their UserData folder. The file can contain additional settings and pre-defined values for the settings available in the GUI (thus removing them from the GUI settings screens). Useful for advanced users and for installers.
* '''Visualizations''' - All of your visualization settings are stored in this folder. <<this is not present in frodo?
* '''[[favourites.xml]]''' - This file, which may be created by Kodi or the user in their UserData folder contains items added via the ''Add to Favourites'' context menu option.
* '''guisettings.xml''' - This is where your settings configured in the GUI are stored (through the User Interface [[Settings]]).
* '''[[LIRC|Lircmap.xml]]''' - This file which may be created can contain changes to the default Lircmap (Linux Only).
* '''[[Party_Mode|partymode.xsp]]''' - Defines the [[Smart_playlists|Smart Playlist]] to be used when using Party Mode for music playback.
* '''[[profiles]]''' - Directory stores your additionally created user-profiles settings and data information this directory may contain all the contents of the [[userdata]] list depending on settings used to create the user. {{?}}
* '''[[RssFeeds.xml]]''' - RssFeeds.xml is used to configure the RSS feeds displayed on the home screen.
* '''[[sources.xml]]''' - Defines your [[Media_sources|Media Sources]] and locations.
* '''[[Userdata/mediasources.xml|mediasources.xml]]''' - Similar to sources.xml, but just for the "Browse for new share" window.
* '''[[Profiles#profiles.xml_and_profiles_folder|profiles.xml]]''' - Stores your Master user and additional user(s) [[Settings/Interface/Master_lock|Master lock]] codes and profiles information see also [[Settings/Interface/Master_lock]] '''{{?}}'''
* '''[[autoexec.py]]''' - optional python script that is run at Kodi startup.
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