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== motd2k ==
Team-XBMC Developer<br/>
Real Name: David<br/>
Team-XBMC Developer<br />
Real Name: David<br />
Born: ?<br/>
Born: ?<br />
Nationality: British<br/>
Nationality: British<br />
Country of Residence: England<br/>
Country of Residence: England<br />

=== Contact ===
Timezone: GMT?<br>
Timezone: GMT?<br />
IRC username: motd2k<br>
IRC username: motd2k<br />
XBMC e-mail alias: [email protected]<br>
XBMC e-mail alias: [email protected]<br />
GMail account: ?<br>
GMail account: ?<br />
XBMC Forum account: motd2kbr>
XBMC Forum account: motd2k<br />
XBMC Wiki account: motd2k<br>
XBMC Wiki account: motd2k<br /> motd2k<br> motd2k<br />
LaunchPad.Net account:<br>
LaunchPad.Net account:<br />
Website/blog: ?<br>
Website/blog: ?<br />
====Social Network Sites====
Facebook: ?<br>
==== Social Network Sites ====
MySpace: ?<br>
Facebook: ?<br />
Orkut: ?<br>
MySpace: ?<br />
Flickr: ?<br>
Orkut: ?<br />
Twitter: ?<br>
Flickr: ?<br />
Tumblr: ?<br>
Twitter: ?<br />
Tumblr: ?<br />

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Team-XBMC Developer
Real Name: David
Born: ?
Nationality: British
Country of Residence: England


Timezone: GMT?
IRC username: motd2k
XBMC e-mail alias: [email protected]
GMail account: ?
XBMC Forum account: motd2k
XBMC Wiki account: motd2k motd2k
LaunchPad.Net account:
Website/blog: ?

Social Network Sites

Facebook: ?
MySpace: ?
Orkut: ?
Flickr: ?
Twitter: ?
Tumblr: ?