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<syntaxhighlight lang=xml>
<syntaxhighlight lang="xml">
   <category label="Chat">
   <category label="Chat">

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  <category label="Chat">
    <setting id="run_chat" type="bool" label="Run IrcChat" default="false" />
    <setting id="nickname" type="text" label="Justin.tv Username" default="" visible="eq(-1,true)" />
    <setting id="password" type="text" label="Justin.tv Password" default="" option="hidden" visible="eq(-2,true)" />

Then pass the host, channel and user parameters of your website to the chat.

#if stream started:
    if addon.getSetting('run_chat') == 'true':
            "RunScript(script.ircchat, run_irc=True&nickname=%s&username=%s&password=%s&host=%s&channel=%s)"
            %(addon.getSetting('nickname'), addon.getSetting('nickname'),
              addon.getSetting('password'), name+'.jtvirc.com', name)