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1 Introduction

In a default Kodi installation, with a properly setup and scraped library, all Movies will be under the Main Menu Movie button, and your TV shows will be under the TV Shows button. All your Sci Fi movies will be mixed in with your Westerns, Animated, Romantic Comedies, Concert Films, etc. and the same for your different TV show types or genres.

This Guide explains the process of creating new Main Menu items to enable separate main menu listings. Example uses include:

  • Separating childrens movies from mature movies
  • Separately list documentaries, cartoons, sci-fi or any other genre
  • Separately list Home Movies

This function is skin dependant and does not work on the default Estuary skin. For the purpose of this guide, we are using Kodi v17.6 with the Aeon Nox 5: SiLVO skin. If you are using a different skin the process is the same, but you will need to find the appropriate screens in your skin.

Note: This guide assumes you know how to install Kodi, install skins, and add Sources to your Kodi library, and have installed the Aeon Nox 5: SiLVO skin

With Smart Playlists and a skin like Aeon Nox 5 (and its variants), as well as most other skins, you can have specific Main Menu buttons for each library that will show only those videos you have chosen for each Main Menu button as shown in the example images.

2 Folder Structure

The correct folder structure will ensure a relatively hassle free experience in setting up these menu buttons.

Organize the video files on your file server/NAS/local hard drive into separate folders for each Main Menu button you require.

The image below is an example of how you might organize your folders and files (Windows 10). Each category that you intend to have as a movie menu item, will have the movies saved in a specific folder.


3 Create Smart Playlists

The first step is to create a Smart Playlist for each new listing you require. The following is a simple guide to accomplish that:

  1. Click SYSTEM on the Main Menu, then in the window that opens click on the System icon. In the bottom left corner by the gear symbol ensure EXPERT is chosen.
  2. Add each folder as a Source to the Kodi library using the Add Video Source dialog box, being sure to select the content type (Movies or TV, etc.) correctly.
16. Repeat the above steps as needed to build all the Smart Playlists you want, then back out to the home screen.

4 Customising The Main Menu

This step will create the new Main Menu items. The next section is a straight continuation of the steps in this section.

The Menu Items are on the left. The X deletes the item, the + adds a new one below the existing item, the arrows move the items up/down in the list and changes their position in the Main Menu accordingly. (note: The Default center Main Menu item is the third active menu item. In this example, it is WEATHER). On the right are the Menu Menu button modifiers.

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5 Adding The Smart Playlists To The Main Menu

This final step now links the Smart Playlists created in Section 3 to the new Main Menu items created in the previous Section.

8a. Repeat these steps as needed to add your playlists to the Main Menu, adjust their positions on the Menu to your liking, add widgets, etc.


8b. If you have no further buttons to add, simply back out to return to the Home Screen. At this point a script will run to re-build the Main Menu.

6 Duplicated Listings

If you prefer to not have the same Movie or TV Show listed in the original Movie and TV Show buttons along with being listed in the newly created buttons, then follow these steps:

  1. Disable the original Movie or TV Show button in the Main Menu Customizer screen as shown in Section 4, step 3
  2. Repeat the steps detailed on this page to create a new button with a suitable name and a new Smart Playlist that excludes the videos that are included in the new buttons.

You’re done!

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